1.6GB missing disk space

  [DELETED] 17:13 18 Sep 2003

I have formatted and re-installed Win XP Pro, after having some problems with programs dissapearing, files mixed up ect.

After installing some 'must have' programs, I have noticed that by looking in C Drive properties that there is a large amount of space (1.6 gigs) not accounted for.

Three folders , looking at properties show.....
1) docs and Settings = 37.2 megs,
2) Program files = 296 megs,
3) Windows = 1.3 gigs.

Yet according to Drive C properties
3.24 gigs is used, 6.06 is free of a 9.3 gig partition.
Where has the rest of my disk gone?

I did a double format, and the rest of the partitions appear to be OK.


Big Boris

  bremner 17:16 18 Sep 2003

click here I think this may explain

  [DELETED] 17:35 18 Sep 2003

You DON'T lose space in formatting (well maybe a tiny tiny bit - but not enough to affect the capacity figures being correct).

All the space difference you see is down to the two kinds of maths.

Windows (XP at least) actually shows you both values for capacity if you look in the hard drive properties eg - my 80 Gb drive shows as

Drive C 40,000,000 bytes 37.2Gb

Drive D 40,000,000 bytes 37.2Gb

The ISO standard for numbering systems says 1000 bytes = 1Kb.

The "computer/binary" way is to say 1024 bytes = 1Kb.

So they're both correct, just dfferent, and nobody is being swindled out of any capacity due to formatting or anything else.

  [DELETED] 18:07 18 Sep 2003

Is there anything in the recycle bin?

  [DELETED] 20:49 18 Sep 2003

Nothing in recycle bin, IE cache is (almost) empty.
I knew about the differential regarding disk size, but could (and probably still) not work out the maths behind it.
Just had a look at C drive properties again and the difference is even bigger!
1) docs and Settings = 46.5 megs was 37.2 megs,
2) Program files = 395 megs, was 296 megs,
3) Windows = 1.46 gigs was 1.3 gigs.

Drive C properties show 3.5 gigs of used space, before it was 3.24 used.

No new progs have been installed, no downloads, and mail is stored on another partition.

The IE cache has been emptied and is not saved on reboot.

Is there something 'eating' the drive space, or is it being transported into outer space?
I have never had or noticed this problem before, and programs installed are MSN messenger 6, Nero, Mirc, AVG (free), and ACD (free).

cheers, Boris

  [DELETED] 20:55 18 Sep 2003

Paging File??? Reboot and see if the space "eaten" goes down or not.

  [DELETED] 20:57 18 Sep 2003

Go into my computer/ View

On the scroll down to hidden files and folders & choose show hidden files & folders, next untick hide protected operating sys files and say yes when prompted.

Now check the space taken up by windows.

Once you've done this put the settings back to the way they were to prevent anyone deleting/ altering system files by accident.

  [DELETED] 10:21 19 Sep 2003

Have you run scan disk to see if there are any errors that may be causing windows to wrongly report free space. I use win 98 and this happens to me sometimes but once I scan & repair all is OK.

  [DELETED] 20:06 19 Sep 2003

Got it sorted, but at the expense of doing another format and full re-install of XP.

With exactly the same apps etc installed, Drive C now shows that there is 1.61 gigs used (was 3.24)

1) docs and Settings = 32.3 mbs (was 37.2 megs),
2) Program files = 83 megs, (was 296 megs),
3) Windows = 1.03gigs (was 1.3 gigs.)

So I have my 1.6 gigs back, much happier, but still puzzled!
maybe there was a section of the drive had not formatted correctly, and and windows read it as used space.

Thanks for your help,


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