16GB Memory stick will not work in a USB 3.0 socket

  Pine Man 11:41 10 May 2013

My PC has USB sockets at the rear and at the front it has one USB 2.0 socket and one USB 3.0 socket.

I have a 2GB memory stick that works in all of the USB sockets both front and rear. I now have a 16GB USB 2.0 memory stick that works in all of the rear sockets and the USB 2.0 socket at the front. It will NOT work in the USB 3.0 socket at the front! I have also tried another, different, 16GB stick and that will NOT work in the USB 3.0 socket either.

All USB drivers have been reinstalled and the latest USB 3.0 drivers installed BUT the 16GB stick will still not work in the front USB 3.0 socket.

  retep888™ 11:53 10 May 2013

Open up the side panel & check the USB 3 front panel lead to the motherboard header is securely connected , the lead cable working loose is a common incidence.

Have you another 2 USB 3 connections at the back to check your USB 3 flash drive, it's a bit unusual to have just USB 3 socket at the front panel.

  Pine Man 12:27 10 May 2013

Thanks for your response.

The USB 3 front panel socket works ok with a 2GB stick it's the 16GB stick that won't work in it.

There are USB 3 sockets at the rear and the 16GB stick works in them all.

My 16GB stick is USB 2 not USB 3. I have also tried a friends 16GB USB 2 stick which is a different make to mine and that will not work in the front USB 3 socket either.

  lotvic 13:48 10 May 2013

have a look in Disc Management, maybe the 16gb is not being assigned a drive letter?

  Pine Man 14:41 10 May 2013

Thanks Lotvic. Had already looked but it didn't exist. I did read somewhere that it may be due to a 16GB stick requiring more power than an extended USB lead can provide whereas there is sufficient on the motherboard?

  Pine Man 18:52 10 May 2013

My 16GB memory stick works fine in a USB 2 But it should work in USB 3. The manufacturer of my PC is trying to resolve the problem but in the meantime I thought I would see if any of the resident experts had any experience of this or any ideas.

  Pine Man 15:52 12 May 2013

The manufacturer hasn't got a clue. It'll just end up as one of life's little mysteries I expect:-(

  difarn 17:21 12 May 2013

You say that you are using an extended USB lead - will it work when directly connected to the USB3 port? Is the cable a USB3 Cable?

  Pine Man 12:06 13 May 2013


The main USB sockets are on the motherboard and accessed from the rear of the pc. Those rear sockets are a mixture of USB 2 and 3.

The extended USB lead referred to is from the motherboard to the front panel sockets where one is USB 2 and the other is USB 3. They each have their own correct cabling and the 16GB USB 2 stick will not work in the USB 3 front panel socket but will work in the USB 2 front panel socket. Smaller capacity sticks will work in either front panel USB sockets.

The 16GB stick will work ok in all of the USB sockets accessed from the rear of the pc.

All of the USB sockets were fitted during manufacture.

  Pine Man 13:36 13 May 2013

Manufacturers response:-

As the issue is confined to the one port we would assume that the issue is simply that the front panel bus cannot support that amount of storage on that port.

They have offered an appropriate solution which I have accepted.

Thanks for the advice from those who responded.

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