16Gb Destop Search file prevents defragging

  PATRIOT 15:30 12 Sep 2010

Hi, I am trying to defrag my hard drive using Window's XP system tool. It reported at the end that not all the files could be defragmented eg. 2 16 Gb files:
C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\DesktopSearch\Applications\RSApp\Projects\MyIndex\MyIndex.Hash.gthr.Dir
C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\DesktopSearch\Applications\RSApp\Projects\MyIndex\Save\MyIndex.Hash.gthr.Dir
I have noticed 3 Desktop Search folders (in the Microsoft folder) called:
Desktop Search - created Feb 2008
Desktop Search(2) - created Jul 2007
Desktop Search(3) - created Jul 2007.
Can I safely delete these large files to reagain 32 GB of space?

  lotvic 15:58 12 Sep 2010

I don't have a 'DesktopSearch' in the path that you say yours is - was it an extra prog that you downloaded?
Like this one click here

  PATRIOT 16:29 12 Sep 2010

Hi Lotvic, I senm to recall trying to remove Windows desktop search back in 2007. I can not find in Add/Remove programs those MSM search Toolbar shows up. However when I click on START a Windows Desktop Search(2)icon is displayed so I appear to have version 5.1. There is no icon in the system tray. The problem large files do not show up on my son's XP machine either.

  lotvic 17:42 12 Sep 2010

Well as I do not know much of anything about WDS (windows desktop search) I did a google click here

If you installed the "MSN Toolbar Suite" it will include WDS. You can deactivate just WDS if you still want to use the rest of the Toolbar, or install the Toolbar standalone version.

If you have installed that bundle, it will show up in Add/Remove Programs as "MSN Search Toolbar".

I can't be of any further help as 'don't know' :(

  PATRIOT 18:42 12 Sep 2010

I have tried to remove the MSN Search toolbar from Add/Remove programes but it refuses to do this stating that the patch package could not be opened. I am at a loss too.

  PATRIOT 21:05 21 Sep 2010

Just to inform all that I took a chance and deleted MyIndex.Hash.gthr.Dir from the Save folder. This gave me an extra 16 Gb of space to complete the defrag. Later I managed to restart the Index Now function for WDS. It then rebuilt a 'MyIndex.Hash.gthr.Dir' file of just 64 Kb.
I hope that others with a similarly bloated WDS folder will benefit from this.
Thanks lotvic for the help.

  lotvic 09:01 22 Sep 2010

Thanks for the feedback, I agree, it will help others with same problem.
Glad you got it sorted :)

  maghemite 10:29 23 Sep 2010

Good that you fixed the problem :) Just as FYI, the default windows defragger struggles to defrag large files and system files (most of which it cannot defrag AFAIK) especially if the hard drive is low on space. I think it'll choke on 16 GB files regardless of space..it's not really the most effective defragger around.

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