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1660ti vs 2070 which was is better

  cookie 23:12 17 May 2019

Hi, I'm a 16yr (not a lot of money) I was wondering if the 2070 was actually worth the £500 or if I should go with the 1660ti. As I have heard mixed reviews and I have no one to ask. Thanks!

  lotvic 00:02 18 May 2019

Here's the benchmark comparison to help you decide click here

  cookie 00:04 18 May 2019

So is the 2070 worth the extra money?

  lotvic 00:28 18 May 2019

To some, yes. To others, no. It's a personal choice. You can see from the benchmark that the RTX 2070's performance is better. It also depends on the rest of your pc build and what software you are expecting it all to run (gamewise etc). I suggest you study the benchmark site.

  Levipatton 08:41 18 May 2019

2070 would be much better.

  Levipatton 18:19 11 Jul 2019

I have selected it now how to buy it? Here is the link that I am following : click here please check it and let me know.

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