166 mmx intel processor what can i upgrade to

  mark-238636 10:52 24 Apr 2003

i have a 166mhz mmx intel processor installed in my pc but would like to upgrade can anyone tell me if this is straight forward if so can you tell me what would be the best processor to install

  barrie_g 10:57 24 Apr 2003

I am most probably wrong but I would have thought that you would have trouble finding a processor old enough to upgrade with, if you look in your local free ads paper you will probably find a far superior machine for £150-£200

  Belatucadrus 10:59 24 Apr 2003

You really need to look at the mother board manual to see what it can support, I would guess you could probably upgrade to about a 200Mhz chip, you'll probably need to look at e-bay to see if anybodys selling one off.

  Totally-braindead 11:07 24 Apr 2003

I'm afraid its really unlikely that your computer can be upgraded, you need a new motherboard and CPU. Sadly this will probably mean a new power supply as well. To cut to the chase you'd be better off buying a new computer as the others have already said

  cream. 11:13 24 Apr 2003

What you will have at the moment is a board that is running at 66Mhz, because your chip is running at 166Mhz, this means that the multiplier setting is set at 2.5.

e.g. 66Mhz x 2.5 = 166Mhz

What you would need to find out, either by reading the manual or seeing if you can read the settings on the motherboard, is what is the highest multiplier settings you can apply for your board.

Thats the easy bit.

The hard bit would be finding a cpu that would match this. You can also bare in mind that it will most probably take a Old pentium \ amd \ cyrix cpu.

  mark-238636 11:23 24 Apr 2003

is there any upgrades you could suggest

  Big Elf 11:28 24 Apr 2003

click here

It may not work, will require a BIOS Update and a Microsoft patch if you're running Win95 or 98.

I used one for about 3 years with no problems (after doing the above).

  Big Elf 11:33 24 Apr 2003

P.S. I upgraded from a Pentium 200 and noticed a definite speed increase but not as much as when I increased my RAM from 64MB to 128MB.

Just to clarify the previous post. If you haven't done a BIOS upgrade it will defintely be required and is supplied with the CPU.

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