1600xp as 1900xp Questions

  woodchip 17:02 12 Nov 2003

I am running at the moment a Athlon 1600xp+ at 19000, Temps just the same CPU 49c System 37c standard CPU coolermaster fan and PSU fan. The system works far better I get no corrupt files, It boots OK Have I missed anything on Win98. Can you see any problems.

  woodchip 22:48 12 Nov 2003

PS i Have run this at 1900 for two weeks once before without any problems

  woodchip 00:01 13 Nov 2003


  woodchip 00:03 13 Nov 2003

Before I go to bed where as every body got to who's good with sums

  woodchip 10:35 13 Nov 2003

Thanks for the impute. I have not tried it any higher, I also have a PCI 3D Blaster Banshee Graphics Card, so its overclocked that as well

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