1600xp as 1900xp Questions

  woodchip 17:02 12 Nov 2003

I am running at the moment a Athlon 1600xp+ at 19000, Temps just the same CPU 49c System 37c standard CPU coolermaster fan and PSU fan. The system works far better I get no corrupt files, It boots OK Have I missed anything on Win98. Can you see any problems.

  Djohn 17:27 12 Nov 2003

Hi woodchip, can't see any problems there. As you remember, I'm running a similar setup to you and same temperatures. I installed just one extra case fan to the top rear of the tower unit, next to the PSU. Sys. temp. dropped immediately from 37c to 28c and has stayed that way.

Because of the system temperature dropping, it also reduced the CPU temp. but only by 2c. from 49 to 47c. j.

  woodchip 18:17 12 Nov 2003

What I cannot understand, is Why my setup will run like the above and others with supposed better hardware do not run even at the crrect speed.

  Jester2K II 18:26 12 Nov 2003

If i understand it correctly it all to do with production tolerance, setup and marketing.

First they (AMD or Intel) take a batch of processors and test them at the lowest designed speed (say 1 Ghz). Any that fail get binned. Then they up the speed to say 1.2 Ghz. Any that fail are marked as 1 Ghz. They up again to say 1.5 Ghz. Any that fail are marked 1.2 Ghz etc

The lower speed processors are released first because they are first off the production line and also because it mean they can charge more for slower processors early on...

How the processor performs in your PC depends on many factors including fans, case design and air flow.

Two identical 1 Ghz processors are not equal. One might OC to 1.2 Ghz and the other 1.4 Ghz even to 1.6 Ghz because your set up allows you to operate a bit fast than another processor. Also stick your processor in another PC and it might not OC as far as 1900!!!

Now i hope that a) what i've been told in true and b) it makes sense cos i am really tired...

  woodchip 18:31 12 Nov 2003

I have been told and seen that the Palomino XP 1600 is a good overclocker, But could my doing my sums right before I buy have any effect?????

  Rayuk 19:16 12 Nov 2003

19000? dont believe you :-)

  woodchip 19:22 12 Nov 2003

These are My test figures from PCpitstop

ProcessorDescription Your Results

Brand/Model AMD Athlon or Duron Model 6

Nominal Clock Speed 1575 MHz

Measured Clock Speed 1577 MHz

External Clock Speed 150 MHz

CPUID Information 0x0662 0x383FBFF

CPU Load 1%

Level 1 Cache 128 KB

Level 2 Cache 256 KB

Speed Rating 4712 (No similar CPU/MHz)

  woodchip 19:23 12 Nov 2003

As you know a 1600xp is only a 1.4Mz

  Jester2K II 20:02 12 Nov 2003

I think Rayuk is referring to your rouge zero "I am running at the moment a Athlon 1600xp+ at 19000" Unless you really have got it at 19 Ghz!!!!

No good asking me techy hardware questions though.... Sorry

  woodchip 21:24 12 Nov 2003

If you look at the above its 1577Mhz the FSB is set to 150/150/30

  woodchip 21:46 12 Nov 2003

If you are good at sums you should be able to figure out what I am running at 1600xp run at 150/150/30 FSB What does it produce

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