16 bit windows subsystem error

  bibo1465 01:12 13 Mar 2005

hi everyone

Please i need your help. I can't install any game,everytimes i install game i received an error saying:
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32|AUTOEXE.NT the system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and microsoft windows applications, choose close to terminate the application.

Close Ignore

I have windows XP SP2, windows update is up to date.

Can you please tell me what is happening?

Thank you for your help in advance

  bluesbrother 01:49 13 Mar 2005

I don't know much about XP but I do know it does not use Dos,if your games need Dos they won't run. If you can find one of your games here click here you can maybe find out more.

  jfmfit2003 03:38 13 Mar 2005

Hello, my name is John.
I had the same problem and found the answer burried in the Microsoft help pages. you can look there. Or I can send you the file or a copy of the one that helped me? I will waif for your reply. And do you want me to send it directly to your email address?

  jfmfit2003 03:53 13 Mar 2005

Hi John here again.
Sorry I didnt tell you what the file you have problems does and the reason it is there in the first place.
It it a very small file used to start windows (as I understand it anyway) and yours is either currupt or missing.
This hapened when a bug tried to get into my system and as I was setting up Norton, the firewalls and stuff.
That was the cause of mine but it could be one of your cleaning Utilities has cut or damaged the file. The file I got took less than a second to put things right. But you may want to download your own from Microsoft? I would understand that.
I was looking for an answer for six months before I found the file which I have kept in case it happens again?
PS. Let me know if you still need it. I will try then to see the page in Microsoft I actually got the file from.
Previous to my find the file they put forward a suggestion to copy and paste half a line of text in the 32 bit file on my computer. But I couldnt get it to accept the stuff I was pasting, so looked a little further and found an easier way?

  VoG II 09:25 13 Mar 2005

click here then on XP_FIX.EXE to download the fix.

  bibo1465 11:56 13 Mar 2005

thank you for the quick reply i received from all of you.

jfmfit2003:the forst reply you sent me about Microsoft,i had a look, i don't think it will help me it is windows server,i don't have server.Can you please send me the small file it might help if you don't mind.

VoG: thank you again, i will download FIX_EXE to see what will happen.

Have a very lovely days all of you.

My kindest regards

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