16 Bit Subsystem

  dazza39 09:16 01 Feb 2005

16 Bit subsystem
When i start up i get this.

c:/windows/UI/BIOSCTL.EXE D:/avast/ashmonVD.dll a installable virtual device driver failed to load?Choose close or ignore.

I recently did a Windows repair and my slave drive changed its letter,so i put it back to what is was before,but can't get rid of above message.

  Sethhaniel 09:39 01 Feb 2005

c:/windows/UI/BIOSCTL.EXE -
D:/avast/ashmonVD.dll -

looks like file is either missing or corrupt

  JIM 09:53 01 Feb 2005

VOG,I and others have posted the following in the past.

click here

07/29/2004 XP_Fix.EXE
(140 Kb)

  dazza39 10:10 01 Feb 2005

Thanks JIM i'll try that later and let you know.

  dazza39 13:07 01 Feb 2005

Back to the drawing board,that didn't work?,ummm,anything else i could try.

  JIM 23:56 01 Feb 2005

if the autoexec.nt file was corrupted
go to the start menu, and click run,type

expand f:\i386\autoexec.nt_ c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt clcik OK/ENTER

F:\ or whatever your letter being the drive letter in question.

Different but export/backup he resistry and poss set system restore.

1.Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe or Regedit.exe).

In Windows XP, Regedit.exe and Regedt32.exe have been integrated into a single program.

2.Locate and select the following value:


3. On the Edit menu, click Delete.

4. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click Multi-string Value.

5. Type VDD in the Value Name box, and then press ENTER.

6. Quit Registry Editor.

  dazza39 08:36 02 Feb 2005


The second option i found an article on Microsofts site about this and did what it said although it got rid of one of the problems ie the D:/ERROR is still left the C:/windows/UI/BIOSCTL.EXE behind with the VDD invalid entry.I'll try the autoexec option you mentioned.An after thought,would going into windows on my C drive and finding the above entry and just delete it???,don't know.

  Sethhaniel 09:02 02 Feb 2005

you could just delete it - but first make sure it is edited out of your *.ini files (win.ini sys.ini ) use msconfig ??? as it is probably in there somewhere because windows is trying to find it at boot -
If you just delete it and its in these files your system might not start as it is trying to locate it :0

  JIM 10:17 02 Feb 2005

Iam being a bit cautious. For sum un-know reason this 16 Bit Subsystem error is becoming very common in some form or an other of late.On this board and elsewhere and i can not find the common link to deal with it permanently .No good to you i know.

Sethhaniel has a good point so hold fire unless you can pinpoint the cause.I will try to look in later.


  dazza39 10:36 02 Feb 2005

Thanks JIM i'll hang fire and just try the autoexec option first,strange how Microsofts site dosen't give more help on this issue.

  dazza39 08:44 03 Feb 2005

Hi guys,still trying to resolve this i unchecked the the boxes in my win ini,and sys ini files in msconfig did a restart,but it still popped up so maybe deleteing the entry itself in windows might cure it??,as disabling in msconfig had no adverse effect anywhere else on my PC,so it should be safe.Decisions,descisions.

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