16 bit color versus 32 bit color

  Big Nate 23:19 31 Mar 2006

In my settings file I have color settings at 16 bit. Is there any advantage for 32 bit, or whay exactly is the difference, or advantage between 16 bit and 32 bit color setting?

  remind 23:22 31 Mar 2006

improves the appearance of some/all icons - 16 bit equates to 65535 colours, 32 bit i dont know how many (but 24 bit is good for just over 16.7 million)

  DieSse 23:43 31 Mar 2006

32 bit colour is not normally (ever?) 32 bit colour. It's 24 bit colour, with the extra bits used for other purposes. See Wikipedia click here

  phono 23:43 31 Mar 2006

The more colours the more RAM etc used, if you have a powerful machine with loads of RAM and a Video card with a lot of video RAM then by all means go for 32 bit, it's debatable if you will actually notice any "worthwhile improvement", visually that is.

  remind 23:45 31 Mar 2006

I doubt the human eye could distinguish 16 million shades, but numbers are so important in the computing industry aren't they :)

  DieSse 23:48 31 Mar 2006

The human eye is commonly held to be able to distinguish about 10 million shades - that's why 24 bit (16.7 million shades) was originally called "Trucolor"

  WhiteTruckMan 06:05 01 Apr 2006

just cant tell the difference, so I run at 16 bit unless somethiung requires 32 bit. after all, it does take extra resources to run at higher spec, which meand potentially a slower machine.


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