1.5GB's DDR RAM,runs faster on 512MB's

  Chegs ® 06:18 01 Aug 2003

Gigabyte VAXP Ultra mobo/2x120GB's SATA hdd's in Striped cfg/Win XP Home,presently running with single stick (512MB's Elixir brand DDR Ram)

I bought two more 512MB's sticks of Elixir DDR Ram on monday.Monday evening,fitted all three sticks of RAM,and went round "speeding up" XP by switching off some of the resource hogs(System Restore,etc)Then Tuesday afternoon,I had d/loaded the 40ish MB's of Updates and tried to restart my puter,and first off one of the SATA drives "disappeared" and XP refused to Repair the install as it claimed no hdd's were present with the OS on.I then attempted to reinstall the SATA drivers,which then gave me access to Repair my OS install.Only problem was XP repair kept freezing,and I eventually decided a Format/clean install was needed.This took over 18 hours of restarting the install again as during each install attempt,it would halt with various reasons given(missing files/incorrectly set BIOS time,date,etc)and to remove previous aborted install files a format was needed,which on two 120GB hdd's takes ages! I eventually bought a second XP install disc today,as why it was completely missing files could have been a damaged disc.It then took me another 4-5 hours of formatting/attempting installs of XP,before it finally went on without any errors.Then,once it had been up and running for a while,I setup a few progs on it,and was quite happy in its performance,until the mouse froze,the keyboard too,so a reset was required.It rebooted then froze again a short while later,then "forgot" it had two SATA hdd's,needing a Repair of those,followed shortly after by freezing/blue screens flashing up then the monitor going off,and more lockups.I took the side off the case and positioned a fan blowing extra(I already have 8 cooling fans)air into it,and the freezing and crashing stopped(for a while)Then,trying to install progs caused it to lockup/crash/restart and I was getting fed-up.I thought about it,and decided to try reducing the RAM back to 512MB's,as it HAD run an IDE install of XP for a few weeks earlier.This is where things got confusing,as all the RAM is identical,so I took out two sticks,leaving the known good stick in(or so I thought)The puter refused to POST with just one stick(whichever I put in)and then I discovered the AGP card was partially out its slot,pushed that back home,and retried one stick at a time,until I got it to POST,and left it like that to come here and tell anyone that will listen,cheap RAM gives you a head-ache.

  poogles_uk 08:04 01 Aug 2003

2 x 512 should run fastest, you may have been overloading the system with 1.5gb

  Lú-tzé 08:08 01 Aug 2003

After reading all of that, I am pleased that you are not looking for a solution but have put it all down to "cheap RAM" :-} After some 24hours of working on the PC, the RAM was not so cheap after all, especially if you want to replace it.

Having said that, are you sure that it was because of the RAM?

  Chegs ® 10:52 01 Aug 2003

Well,since I dropped to a single stick I haven't had any major hassles(apart from it informing me I couldn't go online as my ADSL was "not connecting" and returning a message telling me to search "Help & Support" for Error 711)which needed yet another application of XP's Recovery System(fortunately I didn't switch off system restore on my C: drive,as I haven't really got any faith in its longevity)I would like to give 98se a spin in this hardware cfg,but changing the HDD's over from NTFS to FAT32 would mess up the SATA driver install(even worse than XP appears to)

  Big Elf 11:25 01 Aug 2003

Although some motherboards have 3 slots for RAM they will only work with 2 as DIMM slots 2 & 3 are shared. I had a similar scenario when I tried to add another 512MB stick to my system alongside the existing 1024MB. I did ask Abit what a shared slot was but didn't understand the reply.

  Big Elf 11:29 01 Aug 2003

I've just found the response I had from Abit:

"As the DIMM2 and DIMM3 share the same bank of 2 and 3, please do not install those RAM modules that will occupy two banks into these two slots simultaneously. Most likely the RAMs you have are double bank RAMs.

Intel 845 chipset can only support total 4 banks. Most motherboard manufacturers designs these 4 banks into two RAM slots, which is a disadvantage for some who has already purchase single bank RAMs since they will not able to full utilize the 4 banks design. IT7 is designed to do more than other manufacturer?s I845 chipset motherboards, it support two double bank RAMs, or one double bank RAM and two single bank RAMs, or three single bank RAMs."

  woodchip 12:36 01 Aug 2003

Win98 floppy Fdisk should remove NTFS without problems, then start with Win98 floppy and recreate Partitions

  Chegs ® 19:00 01 Aug 2003

Sorry mate,no can do or I lose the SATA drivers.The SATA software also only offers Format in NTFS,this was why I changed over to NTFS.I was quite happy with FAT32(my daughters puter is still running FAT32)The only reason I changed over was due to the SATA software.I will maybe give 98se a go in these SATA drives if I cannot get a stable install of XP(if I can locate SATA software that will support it)

  AMD 4 ever 19:21 01 Aug 2003

er am i missing something here...8 fans...talk about OTT.is it really necessary to have that many...especially if you have a cheap 300watt psu this will cause lockups as your asking for too much power [watts].

  Chegs ® 19:36 01 Aug 2003

I dont have a "cheapo 300Watt supply" I use a quality 450Watt PSU as I did have probs when I 1st installed a Ti4600 graphics card.I have upped this to a Ti4800(AGP x8)and the 350W supply I had fried shortly after I installed it.I run with so many fans as I like to play in BIOS and tweak(OC) the CPU/AGP/RAM,and on the previous mobo(Epox)I added all the extra fans to remove the likelyhood of heat being the cause of any probs.Since I changed over to the SATA drives,I have checked the hdd temps and it was 50C,System temp was 47C (warm day)and CPU was 32C.Added ALL my fans(very loud)but the System/CPU temps stay around 35C,but these SATA drives keep getting to hot to touch.I dont want to risk heat damage to them,so I have removed the side off the case and have a 14" room fan blowing air over them,they still get hot but at least I can hold my hand against them.

  woodchip 22:02 01 Aug 2003

Cannot remember what CPU you are running on this setup.

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