£150-Cheap TFT or middle-for-diddle CRT ?

  dagbladet 21:05 03 Oct 2003

Given the sad passing of my (7 year)old CRT (as discussed on other tread), I can only manage £150. I would dearly like to have a snazzy little flat screen on my unecessarilly busy desk, but given that once I'm sat down this side of the screen they all look pretty two dimensional, would a £150 CRT give a better service than a £150 TFT ?....or not?

  [DELETED] 21:13 03 Oct 2003

When you find a £150 TFT I'm sure lots of us would be interested.

  dagbladet 21:15 03 Oct 2003


  Pesala 00:29 04 Oct 2003

Must be on special offer, end of stock or something.

Even a cheap 17" CRT is going to cost that much including VAT, ex delivery. You could try click here which got a decent review.

I would say a half-decent CRT will prove better value for money than a dirt-cheap TFT. With a 3 year warranty you get some peace of mind too.

  dagbladet 00:42 04 Oct 2003

Proviedw 15" TFT at Sevonoaks Way PCW £149.95
I enquired (confidently) "don't suppose you've actually got any of these in stock"
Spotty youth goes to stock check computer terminal thingy, taps away and comes back "yes sir, 5".
At this point I came to you folks to ask the original question "£150-Cheap TFT or middle-for-diddle CRT ?"

Pesala, thats what I suspected

  Djohn 00:56 04 Oct 2003

Still listed at £189.00 at PC world. Do you know the model number by any chance? TFT's also come with a three year warranty.

I think this one is an end of line model as the specs are quite low, but from memory, [saw it in PCW early this year] it did have a good display. But if it's the same as I saw, it's quite an old model now and well down on the specs. of the new ones. j.

  dagbladet 01:03 04 Oct 2003

Don't know the model number, but it's a sort of creamy colour as opposed to the standard "computer grey", It's got speakers and that's about all I know. Just realised that my description of this monitor is like my wifes description of my brothers Mercedes.

  Djohn 01:05 04 Oct 2003

If you use Pesala's link to reviews, then click on this one, "Iiyama Vision Master Pro 413" It's an outstanding monitor and can now be bought for approximately £150.00 including V.A.T. This would without doubt be your best choice of CRT monitor and much better than any TFT in that price range. Nice perfectly flat screen too. j.

  Djohn 01:07 04 Oct 2003

Yep! Your description fits perfectly with the one I saw, also the one I have just been looking at on the web. j.

  dagbladet 01:16 04 Oct 2003

See this is what I was getting at. I don't know how far TFT's have come , therefore, is a dirt-cheap TFT better (pic-quality wise) than a steam driven CRT for the same money. It's the Iiyama Vision Master Pro 413 for me !!!

Now I must switch off, she's getting really computer intolerant (PC in the bedroom).

  Djohn 01:24 04 Oct 2003

Yes, I do think the Iiyama Vision Master Pro 413 is a far better buy than the TFT you have mentioned. Comes top in the PCA reviews as well. I don't think you will be disappointed with this choice, I wouldn't be.

I would be reluctant to recommend the Proview even though I have and prefer a TFT myself.

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