15" vs 19" PPI

  SirMetal 15:48 10 Feb 2010

Hey guys, I can't really work this out; what monitor would have more PPI?

A 15" monitor @ 1024x768


A 19" monitor @ 1280x1024

I have both monitors and I use older hardware, so the lower the resolution the better the performance would be. What would produce a crisper image?

Thanks in advance (:

  Pineman100 16:34 10 Feb 2010

(1024x768)/15 = 52428

(1280x1024)/19 = 68985

I've no idea whether that's the correct way to calculate it, but on that basis the 19" monitor has the higher ppi.

  Simsy 05:36 11 Feb 2010

According to my simple calculations, (and bearing in mind that you have slightly different aspect ratios there...

the 15", at that res, gives 85.34 ppi
the 19", at that res, gives 86.27 ppi

I'm open to correction, but it's just a simple bit of geometry...

Use pythagoras to find the diagonal resolution and then divide by the diagonal distance, 15 or 19 respectively.

I think I've got that right, but I repeat that I'm open to correction!



  Simsy 05:44 11 Feb 2010

That would be an accurate method, for comparison purposes, not absolute values, if the aspect ratios were the same.

As they are not, they need t be incorporated if you are to do it the way you suggest.



  Pineman100 19:04 11 Feb 2010

I'm sure you're correct, Simsy. My days of using pythagoras are lost in the mists of time...!


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