15 pin game port cable to usb converter required

  frior-one 17:50 09 Aug 2003

i have been given a brand new joystick with the 15 pin game port connecter on it. i do not have a game port. is there such a thing as a usb converter? do i buy a sound card with game port just for the port? any pointers / guidance please. if not..brand new saitek st100 joystock for sale!

  jazzypop 18:23 09 Aug 2003

There are plenty at click here

  madPentium 18:30 09 Aug 2003

no game port? unbelievable. That almost certainly means that you have no sound either, is that the case?

  frior-one 10:22 11 Aug 2003

jazzypop - thanks for that. i had tried the google search but did not see it through.
madPentium - pc spec'ed with on board sound - when ordering last september did not think i would need a joystick port..doh..now i have discovered il2 sturmovik..i need one!
sorry for taking so long to get back.

  ton 12:00 11 Aug 2003

Are you sure you haven't got a game port? Even with onboard sound you can still have one. I would look again on the back of your PC to make sure. If you are certain there isn't a gameport, then buy a cheap soundcard.

  frior-one 12:26 11 Aug 2003

yes...there is definatley not one. i am looking at the possibility of a pci gamport card.

  jazzypop 19:44 11 Aug 2003

Note that XP expects peripherals such as joysticks, yokes and wheels to be connected via USB - the gameport is rapidly becoming obsolete.

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