15 Minutes to sign in!

  snoresloudly 20:14 11 Sep 2003

Anyone else having trouble signing in tonight, 15 minutes to get into help room!!! good job have got a good book handy!

  Bodi 20:15 11 Sep 2003

I did well tonight - only took me 20 minutes to access the internet.


  powerless 20:17 11 Sep 2003

I'm watching "Sneakers" ;-)

Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier...

  bvw in bristol 20:21 11 Sep 2003

No problem here, broadband connection.

  snoresloudly 20:41 11 Sep 2003

also on b/band, every other site loading ok, totally fed up with this tonight taking ages to even try to read a post. giving up for tonight, only so much a man can take. Just have to think of something to do this eve, (talk to the wife???)

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 20:46 11 Sep 2003

Mine loads ok am on dial up at mo but np gettin conneted or anythin else


  obbit 20:51 11 Sep 2003

am using NTL 600k broad band signing in almost instantly and opening threads. no problems. one or two other sites not accessable. internet getting more and more busy week to week.

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