IS 145W PSU Enough Power??

  Jester2K II 12:51 27 Jun 2003

Looking at a PC - Celery Processor (undetermined speed YET), Win ME. It has a CDRW and a DVD plus one HDD and a floppy drive and a modem.

The DVD drive tends to take ages to spin up to speed and then when playing tends to spin up and then stop and thenstart again slowly and then spin and slow down, then stop again etc etc.

Make watching nmovies and playing games silly.

I noticed it has a 145w PSU - could this be under powered?? Need to know before i get £22 off him to replace the PSU..

  woodchip 13:01 27 Jun 2003

If you have a Celery Processor??? it probably would be, as it is in this modern PC world it's about as much use as a damp squibb

  -pops- 13:08 27 Jun 2003

I work on the principle of 300 watts for the basic essentials and 25 Watts for each additional hardware item added. So 300W basic (M/B, HDD, floppy, CD) + 25W for DVD = 325W, round it up to nearest available = 350W.

This is very rule of thumb but should prevent random shutdowns and othe disasters due to lack of power.

Is the Celery processor up to playing DVDs? Is there plenty of RAM available?


  Jester2K II 13:11 27 Jun 2003

woodchip - can you clarify?

I can't decide if you mean the PSU probably would be underpowered and is a damp sqibb or if the PC itself is a damb squibb!!

  Jester2K II 13:12 27 Jun 2003

-pops- - i agree with your thinking there..

The PC came with a DVD player but the CDRW seems to have been added later...

Its a Packard Bell iConnect.

I'm better at Software problems but recently i'm getting lots of hardware problems.....

  g0slp 14:15 27 Jun 2003

details of which are in this thread

click here

I would definitely say that 145W is insufficient.

Getting the new case & 300W PSU as mentioned in the thread resolved the problem.

Mark g0slp

  Jester2K II 14:33 27 Jun 2003

It an 800 Celery 64Mb RAM Win Me.

Just fired the thing up and put a Cd in.

Spin Up, Spin Down, Spin Up, Spin Down, Spin Up, Spin Down, Spin Up, Spin Down, Spin Up, Spin Down, Spin Up, Spin Down, Spin Up, Spin Down, Spin Up, Spin Down, Spin Up, Spin Down, ad nausium for 6 minutes then pulled the plug (Eject button wouldn't work whilst it did this)

I know 145 W seems low but what i need to know is, is it the cause? If it replace the PSU for a 400w then will it fix it?

  -pops- 14:38 27 Jun 2003

What about the other CD drive? Does that do the same? Try removing the Molex (power) plug to one drive and try the other to see if that's any better.

  Jester2K II 14:47 27 Jun 2003

Top idea. I'll try that.

Only got the base unit so TTFN.

Sorry to be more demanding for an answer above. Just wondering if some else had the same problem and solved it with a bigger PSU?

Seen a table where you add up whats in there and it tells you the minimum PSU you should have

PSU: What you need
AGP video card - 20-30W
PCI video card - 20W
AMD Athlon 900MHz-1.1GHz - 50W
AMD Athlon 1.2MHz-1.4GHz - 55-65W
Intel Pentium III 800MHz-1.26GHz - 30W
Intel Pentium 4 1.4GHz-1.7GHz - 65W
Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz-2.0GHz - 75W
Intel Celeron 700MHz-900MHz - 25W
Intel Celeron 1.0GHz-1.1GHz - 35W
ATX Motherboard - 30W-40W
128MB RAM - 10W
256MB RAM - 20W
12X or higher IDE CD-RW Drive - 25W
32X or higher IDE CD-ROM Drive - 20W
10x or higher IDE DVD-ROM Drive - 20W
SCSI CD-RW Drive - 17W
SCSI CD-ROM Drive - 12W
5400RPM IDE Hard Drive - 10W
7200RPM IDE Hard Drive - 13W
7200RPM SCSI Hard Drive - 24W
10000RPM SCSI Hard Drive - 30W
Floppy Drive - 5W
Network Card - 4W
Modem - 5W
Sound Card - 5W
SCSI Controller Card - 20W
Firewire/USB Controller Card - 10W
Case Fan - 3W
CPU Fan - 3W

According to this it should have 138w so 145 should be ok...

Can a low powered PSU make the DVD drive spin up and down like that.

Might clean the heads too...

  woodchip 14:55 27 Jun 2003

Yes but it's no guarantee that a new one will cure it. But if that's what is going on, I would be thinking on the same grounds.

  -pops- 15:57 27 Jun 2003

Your power calculations may the correct but they're very near to the full capacity of the PSU. Again rule of thumb but I like to work with at least 100% reserve capacity

As another approach, you might re-install the drivers to the errant drive.


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