1394 net adapters

  Mark-it 14:36 19 Jun 2005

A while ago I try to connect to a aADLS router my desktop via the , what I thought it was a Ethernet link, in realities it is appearing as a 1394 net adapter that is not capable in realitiues to connect to the net using the router and at any start up it does generate a critical error with PC shutdown . The only way so far is to temporary disintall however at any start up is there and i have no way to eliminate a LAN connection !!
Any help , thought

  madPentium 19:15 19 Jun 2005

Isnt a 1394 net adapter 'firewire'???
do you have a firewire port on your computer? if so I think you'll find this is it.

  SEASHANTY 19:22 19 Jun 2005

Go into CONTROL PANEL. Double click on the NETWORK CONNECTION icon. Double click on the 1394 CONNECTION. From the window which appears click on "DISABLE" tab at the bottom of the window. This may resolve your problem.

  Mark-it 18:06 26 Jun 2005

thanks mate
I did it but any time I turn PC on it appears again .
yet indeed I got a firewire but I use the tipical LAN plug to connect the router I had no idea that it was used instead also by the 1394

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