1394 Connection, can anyone explain?

  tristar 13:13 17 Dec 2003

When I logged on to the net last night I noticed TWO internet icons in my task bar instead of the one.
I put the mouse pointer over the first and got the usual BTOW connection at 50.2 Kbps. The other showed '1394 Connection' at 400Mbps, a connection I don't subscribe to. I was able to select disable and get rid of the 1394 icon - but I don't understand what was happening, can anyone enlighten me?

I tried using the BT helpline but the gentleman in India didn't understand what I was talking about, and his supervisor was no help either!

  johnnyrocker 13:15 17 Dec 2003

what os?


  tristar 13:18 17 Dec 2003

I'm running XP Home, with BT Openworld

  leo49 13:19 17 Dec 2003

1394 is a Firewire connection to external hardware

  tristar 13:21 17 Dec 2003

1394 appears in the LAN / High Speed connection page

  johnnyrocker 13:22 17 Dec 2003

disable in network connections and check you haven't unknowingly d/loaded a dialer.


  tristar 13:23 17 Dec 2003

I don't have any external hardware connected via a firewire

  leo49 13:26 17 Dec 2003

Ok but your mobo obviously supports firewire which is why it appears on your Networking. It certainly isn't a dialler to the Internet.

  tristar 13:26 17 Dec 2003

I confirm it's disabled in network connections.
How can I find out if I've downloaded a dialler?

  Rache 13:29 17 Dec 2003

How are you connected to b/b, via usb?

  leo49 13:33 17 Dec 2003

click here

Read the above - it's nothing to do with the internet

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