137Gig max capacity

  Tim-201115 23:31 28 Apr 2004

Is someone pulling my mouse cable? Does Microsoft's all singing and dancing operating system not recognise anything above a 137gig drive? I've just bought a Western Digital 200BB 200 Gig drive...... installed the WD software and partitioned the drive.... however it keeps telling me it's only 137G and not 200G.... is someone 'aving a larf?

If anyone can help..... I really need the extra space and don't want to return it to the nice peeps at E-Buyer


  bremner 01:35 29 Apr 2004

As the links say XP needs Service pack 1 installed for support above 137GB.

You have to remember that in 2001 when XP was launched the average HDD was probably only 40GB.

  ened 06:55 29 Apr 2004

I have recently installed a 250 gig Maxtor and windows wouldn't even recognise there was a drive in there at all.
Go to Disk Management in Control Panel and Initialise it.
BTW The Format takes forever.

  Forum Editor 07:19 29 Apr 2004

at this
click here;en-us;q303013

and especially this
click here;en-us;331958

  Forum Editor 07:20 29 Apr 2004

I've forgotten that MS KB urls don't post correctly - just add the surplus part to the url in your browser bar.

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