13 minutes and 2 second to get into My Postings?

  pj123 19:29 24 Mar 2005

I have never been able to get into My Postings on first log on. I always have to go to the Helproom first and then scroll right down to the bottom and select My postings from the drop down menu. But today it seems impossible to get into My Postings. I have just timed a click on My Postings and after 13 minutes and 2 seconds still not there. Had to abort and log in again. All the other Forum's are fine just My Postings causing a problem.

  Technotiger 19:38 24 Mar 2005

Hi, I have clicked into and out of My Postings several times whis evening - only taking a few seconds each time, including during 1st log-in.
Maybe you need to do a disk cleanup etc to speed things up a bit (I did a disk cleanup earlier today).


  john-232317 20:54 24 Mar 2005

Only 5 or 6 seconds also.

  powerless 20:58 24 Mar 2005

I wouldn't worry.

Just try again tomorrow.

  mattyc_92 21:00 24 Mar 2005

Just over 4 seconds here....

I would clear the Internet Cache (Temp Internet files), cookies, history, etc... and see if that helps (as Technotiger has already suggested)

  lotvic 00:06 25 Mar 2005

I've also noticed that 'view your postings' takes 3 times as long as the other links. I also sometimes have to go to Helproom first.
I clear the Internet Cache (Temp Internet files), cookies, every logoff but not the history so will try that.

  Djohn 01:06 25 Mar 2005

Why scroll down to the bottom of the page pj? there is a link at the to of every page.

  p;3 06:17 25 Mar 2005

as others, suggest clear off temp internet folders cashe, or enlarge its space; and as DJ says, the link is at the top of the forum page, so no need to scroll to the bottom; my Test on it took about 5 seconds (although can take a bit longer); when DID you clear out the TIF ; and have you run a check on you machine for any malaware (normal housekeeping practice)? and , how many windows have you got open at the same time?

  pj123 13:59 25 Mar 2005

Sorry for the delay but my NTL went down and I have just got it back. Access to My Postings is now much quicker but still takes around 2 minutes.

I do a disk cleanup once a week, I have AVG, Adaware, Spybot, Spywareblaster and Sygate Firewall.

I did try the link at the top of the page but all I get is a blank grey screen with Done at the bottom. The only way (at the moment) to get to My Postings is open Helpdesk and scroll down to the bottom and select My postings from the dropdown menu.

  Djohn 09:32 26 Mar 2005

Flush your DNS Pete.

  anchor 09:38 26 Mar 2005

4 seconds here. I am on broadband 1M service.

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