12V to 240V transformer

  ?.nl 15:07 29 Jun 2006

I want to be able to charge my laptop up from my car cigarette lighter.

is there a product that will do this?


  rmcqua 15:10 29 Jun 2006
  ?.nl 15:12 29 Jun 2006


Are there also any products that will run a low spec desktop PC in a car?

  rmcqua 15:20 29 Jun 2006

Yes there are such things available (unfortunately I'm short of time to search just now) but you will need something capable of providing a few hundred watts with a roughly sine wave 50/60Hz, 240 volt output. It's not likely to be cheap!

  johndrew 15:44 29 Jun 2006

You will need an inverter with a transformer. The inverter to give you alternating current at 50Hz (UK supply, 60Hz USA) from your car`s DC supply and the transformer to raise the voltage from 12vdc to about 230vac.

There are both solid state units and motorized. Beware those that provide a square output; they may be fine for irons and kettles but not PCs.

  Ray5776 18:32 29 Jun 2006

Maplins used to sell a 12vdc to 230vac inverter for about £20, dont know if they are still available but worth a look.

  woodchip 21:38 29 Jun 2006
  DieSse 22:33 29 Jun 2006

I suspect you're looking at the wrong sort of things. Since laptops usuially run on DC from aa external transformer/power supply - I can't quite see the point of making DC into 230V AC then transforming it back down to DC to run the laptop.

Can you give us the specification of your regular laptop supply please (it'll be on the lable).

  ?.nl 22:41 29 Jun 2006

I am wanting to use a desktop PC, I only asked about the laptop as a matter of interest.

My desktop has a 350W PSU in it.

  Strawballs 00:23 30 Jun 2006

I bought a transformer from my local computer shop for £35 which plugs into the accessory socket in the car with different power outputs and plug connections, my laptop is an HP Athlon64 3200+ which needs 19volts and 120w it is a Vanson Model: SDR-120W

  DieSse 00:32 30 Jun 2006

I somehow fail to see the point of asking about one thing when you want to do something quite different. Especially when you actually asked about charging up the battery!

You can only run a desktop in a car from an inverter - why you should want or need to do so is beyond my imagining.

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