128 v 512

  Legolas 19:22 24 Feb 2003

I had 512 broadband for a year but got rid last September due to financial restrictions (I was skint)I have now had 128 broadband installed to day after a couple of months with 56 dialup.

I can see very little difference in the speed while browsing the Internet and the loading of web pages between 128 and 512 although there is a big difference when downloading but 128 is still better than 56. What do others think or what are your experiences?

  jazzypop 19:26 24 Feb 2003

Same as you - 128 is great for surfing and occasional downloading, 512 shows no real improvement for surfing but makes a big difference when downloading.

Both knock dialup into a cocked hat.

  Legolas 19:30 24 Feb 2003

I was going to go for the 512 again till I seen my brothers 128 connection it,s hard to believe the performance gain in browsing with 128 over 56 dialup no more frustrating waits aghhh what have I said ;-)

  two00lbwaster 19:36 24 Feb 2003

yeah i started off with 128 went to 512 and then i was skint like you and had to make do with 128 :( very bad as i play games and do a lot of downloading at times.

there is a slight difference in speed on web pages and gaming isnt quite as feasable on 128 as it is on 600

it all depends on what you are willing to put up with if you arent going to play online games or dont mind the slightly higher ping rate and dont mind downloads taking that little bit longer then 128 is the best there is always on and does what you want, quickly, with extra benifit of being always on* all for less than an aol dial up connection

*subject to ntl not having problems as they can do at times

  vaughan007 08:22 25 Feb 2003

If you are not an online gamer or dont download enormous files, stick with 128.

For online gaming 512 is really the only option, but 128 is "playable".

  Andsome 08:28 25 Feb 2003

128 is ideal for normal usage. It is nice not to be cut off as with dial up. I have no wish to download lots of rubbish so called music from doubtful websites, so I am perfectly happy. NTL made a mistake and for the first two months I was on 512, although they did refund the extra cast without a quibble. I have not missed the extra speed.

  Legolas 11:50 25 Feb 2003

Yes 128 is a good middle ground between the slowwww 56k and the fassssst 512-600 although I have a feeling that once the finances improve I would be tempted to upgrade to the NTL 600 or maybe even 1MB dont tempt me.

  Bailey08787 13:06 25 Feb 2003

sounds like the kind of middle-ground that would be ideal for me

so what's the best package? cheapest monthly subscription? need for 128 modem? etc?

  jazzypop 13:53 25 Feb 2003

Details of the service are at click here

The main thing to check is the availability of NTL where you live - follow the links above, enter your postcode to find out.

  Legolas 13:58 25 Feb 2003

Bailey08787 I am with NTL so the choice is made for me I cannot get broadband with another provider unless I have a BT telephone line which I do not have but if you have a BT line there are plenty of broadband providers to choose from click here
this gives some of them but there are more.

  hugh-265156 16:07 26 Feb 2003

have you seen this thread guys?click here

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