123-reg, can they do this?

  walesrob 09:32 12 Jul 2009

Not sure if anyone knows the in and outs of domain registrations and transferring to another person or entity, but I have this strange problem with 123-Reg.

I have been asked to manage a website by the website owner. Now the website is currently managed by someone else and we've all agreed that I would take over running the site, and we agreed if it was better if the domain was transferred to my 123-Reg account so I could take control of nameservers, DNS, etc. The domain is a .co.uk and myself and the guy who used to manage the site started an internal transfer within 123-reg (he also had a 123-Reg account) - normally a very simple operation, done in a few seconds and which I've done many times with no problems at all.

The transfer started but for some reason ended up as an OUTGOING transfer in my 123-reg account. So I emailed 123-reg support to find out why, and to my surprise, I got the following reply:

"Thank you for contacting 123-reg on the 5th July 2009. Can you please send us proof of ownership in order for us to transfer this domain into your account. We will require a utility bill or bank statement in the name of "DOMAIN NAME REMOVED". Can you please state your account user name and reason for fax on your document."

The website owner is a 13 year old kid, and he has no bank account or utility bills, so thats a non starter.

Like I said, I've done many internal transfers within 123-Reg and never come across this requirement. I am not attempting to take over ownership of the domain, nor hijack it, I'm doing what I do for 30 other domains, that is manage it for the owners.

Anyway are 123-Reg right to do this, and if so, why did I have no problem transferring that domain away to Domain Monster later that day via the IPS tag?

I've emailed support back, but no reply, and I noticed that I was NOT given a chance to reply to the original support request submitted to 123-Reg, they "closed" the ticket without me getting back to them.

  octal 09:37 12 Jul 2009

I would be inclined to speak to Nominet if it's a .co.uk domain and explain your problem to them, I've found them quite helpful in the past when I've dealt with them, if it's a .com domain I'm not so sure of.

  octal 09:39 12 Jul 2009

Sorry, too quick with the post button :)

I should have said if it's a .com domain I not sure who administer them.

  walesrob 09:40 12 Jul 2009


Thanks for your reply, I will email Nominet.

But I thought Nominet only get involved if there is a change of ownership name or address, not nameservers or registrars?

  octal 10:33 12 Jul 2009

I think they will get involved if there are disputes as well. I had a host that would not release my tag, I explained this all to them and they got it released for me, I think it cost me £10 for their admin fee.

  walesrob 15:47 13 Jul 2009

Got an email back from Nominet, and they are not aware of any rules regarding internal domain transfers with registrars, and it must be a new 123-Reg requirement.

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