12.1 megapixels used for 8mp shots

  je-haz 15:54 07 Dec 2007


I used to have a 5mp sony cybershot camera.

I found that if I took shots at full 5mp resolution, they looked awful (noisy and not very sharp), but if I took them at 3.1mp, they looked great.

Is it the case, tehat if I buy a casio Z1200 12.1mp camera, but only use it as say 8mp, that the quality will also be better?

I am just wondering if it still uses all 12 million pixels of the CCD, and then does a smart-resize; or whether it just uses 8 million of the CCD pixels and therefore the qulaity is the same, but the picture is smaller.

Any ideas?

  anskyber 16:13 07 Dec 2007

Yes, and no.

The number of pixels does affect the quality but after a point the pixel number is generally about how large the image can be displayed without loss of detail.

the other important issue ia compression settings, these are usually found as things like standard, fine and superfine which also affect quality.

You may find that your cameras is set on a lower quality compression setting for your 5mp, hence the better pics from 3.1 if the compression is set higher.

  rawprawn 16:13 07 Dec 2007

I am no expert but I believe that the quality of the lens is much more important than the pixels.
I have a Kodak Easyshare with only 4 meg pixels but a good Schneider Lens. It takes wonderfully clear pictures, in fact I have won a competition using it, and I am a point and snap man.

  anchor 16:35 07 Dec 2007

I see that you are still undecided; (qv: your previous thread):

click here

The fact you got better results with a lower resolution on the Sony is strange, and might suggest a fault.

I have seen the results from my friends similar Sony, used a full resolution, and they are very good indeed. Noisy and unsharp they certainly are not!.

You might see noise when a high ISO is used in poor light, which you could interpret as lacking sharpness. Over compression also causes image deterioration.

As I said before, the results I get with my Panasonic, used at full resolution & low jpg compression, is excellent. The original saved image is about 3.4Mb.

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