120gb ssd for wins 10+apps, sufficient space?

  rickf 21:33 21 Nov 2018

Would a 120gb ssd be sufficient for wins 10 os and apps aas drive c. Will put in a second 1tb sata h/d as second drive for all other things. Finally, can I install application on the second drive. So ssd wins10+apps in Drive C, Second drive would be E as D would be the optical drive. Thanks

  wee eddie 21:50 21 Nov 2018

Only if you're desperate. You'll spend year 2 & 3 managing the space on it

  rickf 21:53 21 Nov 2018

Fuller explanation would help. Being cryptic does not help.

  Flat Earther 23:58 21 Nov 2018

It's worth noting a "120GB" drive is only 111GB and the OS will complain if there is less than 15% free, so you are looking at about 95GB of usable space.

My C drives rarely exceed 25GB, and I have run a dual boot of win7/10 on a 120GB drive without issue, but that's not to say you won't run out of space, everyone is different.

2.5" SSDs are around 240GB/£30 and 480GB/£50, I wouldn't bother with a 120GB now, there are benefits to having a larger SSD, in speed and potential lifespan too.

  alanrwood 09:41 22 Nov 2018

Also you need a fair bit of empty space to be used for the Windows update process

  rickf 13:32 22 Nov 2018

FlatEarther, Alanwood thanks for input. Just trying it out before going for one with larger capacity. Cheers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:58 22 Nov 2018

I'm running win 10 on a 120GBSSD its using 48GB of it

I have moved user folders to the 1TB HDD( its your docs music and videos /pics that take up the space) and install all new software to he 1TB drive.

  rickf 20:29 22 Nov 2018

Friutbat, cheers that's what I was wanting to know. Since you are here, do you know if there is a way I can make them, ie the ssd and the 1tb Hdd, function as if they are one drive. In other words like a hybrid drive.

  wee eddie 20:51 22 Nov 2018

Rick, if they are set up correctly. Software on the SSD. Files on the Hard Drive. Your PC will do it all without any input from yourself

  rickf 21:25 22 Nov 2018

wee eddie, thanks

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