1/2 new memory

  slydog 00:43 27 Jul 2004

I just bought some new memory for a couple of aging PC's using PC100 RAM 1 of them an old PII Advent which had 128mb of RAM accepted the new memory 1 of 512mb SDRAM stick and 1 of 256mb SDRAM stick (not at the same time but when I checked the reported RAM available it only showed 264 mb and 128mb respectively. The other a PII Hewlet Packard which had 64mb of RAM wouldnt boot up with either of the two new sticks on board but did boot up with the The 128 mb stick from the Advent, but again only reported 64mb available from the system properties in control panel. does any body have any idea why this might have happened.

  sil_ver 01:13 27 Jul 2004

You may need to check on the TOTAL amount of RAM that the respective motherboards will take.

  sil_ver 01:15 27 Jul 2004

Also, I'm led to believe,if you are running Win98 it won't run on more than 512Mb

  slydog 01:28 27 Jul 2004

Thanks for your reply Sil_ver.
The Advent is running win ME and the HP win 98 but how do you check the Motherboards capacity
the advent has four slots and the HP only two.
Also still cant see why both machines report 1/2 memeory that is actually in place.

  sicknote 01:36 27 Jul 2004

How about going here click here and put in the details of your PC, if they are still available.This might be helpful.
Also put largest amount of memory in first slot

  slydog 01:44 27 Jul 2004

Thanks guys I'll give that lot a try let you know what happens tomorrow.

  sil_ver 22:30 27 Jul 2004

Can't be sure but the amount of memory shown may be the most your motherboard supports

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