1&1 web hosting problem?

  Forum Editor 23:49 23 Aug 2004

We've been getting the occasional thread about problems with 1&1 hosting packages, so I thought I would approach the company with a view to establishing a point of contact - so we can go straight to the company for help and advice.

I'm delighted to say that 1&1 have responded very positively, and have offerd us as much help as we need. There won't be a 1&1 forum presence initially - but if you have a problem just post a new thread about it and I'll pass the details to 1&1. They'll respond, and I'll post their reply. If as we go along we find that it's necessary to have someone from 1&1 here in the forum with us I'll invite them to do that.

  Simon_P 00:14 24 Aug 2004

And have found that their tech support and e-mail response times to be very good, (usually within 24 hours) and in my case they have always been able to sort out any issues in an expectable time period.

  Gaz 25 07:40 24 Aug 2004

Me too, 1 & 1 support is very good.

  Forum Editor 17:06 24 Aug 2004

of the 1&1 management, and a promise that any problems/questions will get their close attention. It's good to know, and I hope that any forum member who needs help will take advantage of the fact. We aim to encourage other hosting companies to join us in this way, so that we continue to develop this area of our forum into a really useful contact point for anyone running their own web site(s).

  Patr100 23:59 24 Aug 2004

Thanks. This has reminded me to follow up a problem that still hasn't been resolved . My new thread is click here

  Patr100 00:24 25 Aug 2004

Waht happened? I just got an email and tried to log back in to read a reply to my thread by taran but my thread has disappeared!

I'll try again.

  Forum Editor 07:17 25 Aug 2004

What happened is that I deleted your thread because Taran alerted me to the fact that you had inadvertantly published your 1&1 account details.

Events have moved on, you've posted a revised thread - and I've passed the information to 1&1.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 02:58 27 Aug 2004

seen this thread, and as you may have noticed from some of my other postings recently I am far from happy with the way I have been treated by 1and1 lately.

I have been with them for over two years, and have even sung their praises on this, and other forums. Now however, I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

Over the last two weeks they have lost me revenue, credibility, and top placings in major search engines, because they failed to notify me that my credit card details had not been updated ( yes, this was my own fault) and simply froze my account.

For almost two weeks I have been emailing them twice a day, with no response until two days ago when I received a reply saying it would be sorted. It wasn't!

I am disgusted with their non-caring attitude, and assume that many others are. Why else would they be so concerned as to unite with a web design forum?

  Forum Editor 07:01 27 Aug 2004

is because I invited them to. I also invited some other web hosting companies, but so far none of them have seen fit to bother to respond.

I can understand your obvious irritation at what has happened (1&1 sent me an automated email reminder when I didn't update my card details), but to be honest I hardly think one incident justifies you in saying "I would not recommend them to my worst enemy."

Would you like me to pass details of your problem to 1&1 for their comments?

  barryoneoff.co.uk 10:58 27 Aug 2004

I would appreciate that, but should this course of action really be neccessary? If the only way to get something done is to have it brought to their attention by PCA then there is obviously something wrong with their methods.

How can it possibly take almost two weeks to take any action? The reason I am so annoyed (apart from not hearing from them)is mainly because they did not even bother letting me know! The first I heard about it was when I received a phone call from someone trying to visit one of the sites.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:29 27 Aug 2004

asking them to get in touch, and informing them that I would keep sending them until they did.

I got a reply! Any guesses as to what it said? Exactly the same as the last one, 2 to 3 working days!

They know very well that the billing dept only works 9 till 5 Monday to Friday. This means another weekend with no sites plus the working days (and last time they said this nothing was done at all).

Is this the way to keep your customers?

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