1&1 Email assistance-please

  quintain 13:59 10 Nov 2005

Can anyone tell me the difference and benefits of using either 'Forwarding' or 'Mailbox' functions with a 1&1 hosted domain/s.
I have a number of web addresses/domains with 1&1 and am now trying to set up the best method of setting up my emails from the domains.
I cannot see any benefits between the two and regrettably 1&1 do not appear to discuss the relevant differences or benefits.

  powerless 20:03 10 Nov 2005

Let's say for a minute you have two email addresses...

[email protected]


[email protected]...

Both of which have their own email accounts and settings... And they are both Mailboxes!

'Forwarding' means that all mail that is sent to one address will be sent to another email address, so all your mail will be in the same place.

Your email that is sent to [email protected] is forwarded to [email protected] mailbox.

  cowgirl66 09:37 19 Jul 2006

I don't wish to intrude on someone esle's thread (although that's just what I AM doing) but you may have just answered my question too.

I came into this forum to ask why I'm getting two identical versions of every email in my Outlook Express from my webserver; is it because I've opted for both the email forwarding service AND the mailbox service on my webhosting email configuration?

Should I go back in there and just choose one to fix it?

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:55 20 Jul 2006

for having a mailbox, is that you can reply from that address. If you only have the forwarded mail, you can only reply from the forwarded address. So if you don't intend to reply, just have it forwarded.

If you are using it for business you want your email replys to come from "customer care @ the widget company. com" not "jim smith @ hotmail.com."

  ade.h 12:23 20 Jul 2006

For anyone who uses forwarding but still needs to reply:

Set up a new identity in your mail client without setting up a POP/IMAP account for it. Whenever a forwarded message comes in and you want to reply to it, switch your identity when you write the new outgoing message. If you use Thunderbird, this a one-click task.

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