10plus hard drives 1 will not work

  39cherry5739 14:03 08 Dec 2015

I run win 10 from upgrade. I have been using 11 hard drives. 9 are 1tb or more and 2 are 250gb or less. I took of my 2 small drives and put a 3tb drive instaed. does not show in the computer management on the control panel. I have tried it in a slide in extarnal drive on usb3 but still nothing. PLaese help!!!!! I had this problem with a 2tb drive but I move the usb plug until it worked.

  39cherry5739 16:04 08 Dec 2015

drive returned to amazon motor not running

  bumpkin 18:24 08 Dec 2015

What sort of PC that you require that amount of storage and what is it used for.

  lotvic 18:35 08 Dec 2015

bumpkin, that's a bit nosy, (LOL) and not necessary to know for the problem asked, which is sorted now anyway - faulty drive returned

39cherry5739, don't fret, bumpkin will take it all in his stride and rib me back <:@

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