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1080p monitor for XP Pro

  zoobie 02:31 05 Nov 2014

My desktop card will display 1080p but I'm having trouble finding a monitor that works with XP. This is something I've never heard of until I bought a monitor that, as it turns out, was only Vista compatible. Any clues where I can find a cheapo for XP? Thanks

  Ian in Northampton 07:42 05 Nov 2014

The best I can tell you is that I have never, ever heard of any monitor working with only a specific operating system. That sounds very strange. Was the source of your information a reliable one? In theory, any monitor should work with XP.

  zoobie 08:34 05 Nov 2014

I've never heard of a monitor being OS dependent, either.

I've just bought a Asus VS228H 1080p monitor and the first thing I noticed was it drastically degrades my website's online video. I've gone thru all settings including Bios & display, setting the default at 1920x1080. I've tried lower resolutions to no avail. I go to Asus website and saw some updates but they're just for unrelated multi-screen displays. It must be some sort of virtual memory problem.

Running XP Pro, ATI Radeon onboard X1250

  zoobie 08:53 05 Nov 2014

The onboard card has worked great for years and the driver is up to date. The first thing I thought was maybe some monitor problem or virtual memory needed to run the 1080 display.

  zoobie 09:13 05 Nov 2014

Hardware acceleration is turn all the way on. I tried different resolutions and it's still degraded.

  SparkyJack 09:44 05 Nov 2014

This certainly looks like a motherboard component failure ,the onboard grphicsvor associated components. Does your machine have the capability for /graphics card (PCI)? O

  zoobie 10:23 05 Nov 2014

Yes...I've a few slots left. I saw an AGP slot in there, too. I built this thing for video editing 8 years ago. I don't want to spend much on fixing it because my large video files play fine locally. My video editor plays fine, too. It's just an online case it appears.

  zoobie 10:38 05 Nov 2014

Online, my videos are dropping frames along with a severe PQ drop. I've checked on computers all over town and they all show the pristine videos I created. Maybe this monitor is kaput...

  spuds 11:32 05 Nov 2014

have to agree that it appears more like something else than a monitor problem.

I have used the same Medion monitor for a number of years,without problems using a variety of operating systems, including earlier versions of Microsoft O/S plus later versions of XP Home and Pro, Vista, W7.

  Menzie 14:14 05 Nov 2014

As others have said a monitor is OS independent so should work with Linux, Windows etc at the native resolution but only if the drivers for your video hardware supports this.

Dropped frames seem like more of a computer problem rather than the monitor. What is the resolution of the videos you are trying to play and in what format? My laptop has a native display of 1376x768. Video and everything plays fine until I connect it to my TV which is 1080p. It struggles to upscale to that resolution and that is a Core 2 Duo with onboard Via graphics.

What is your CPU?

  zoobie 17:59 06 Nov 2014

Mines a core 2 from 8 years ago. Onboard card says it supports 1080 but both new and old monitors have been blinking off and on so I'm inclinded to think, as mentioned before, it is a hardware failure. The HDMI is probably going kaput but the DVI is hanging in there. I put everything else to the test (memcheck, etc.). It could still be the power supply but it's probably the online video card since it's acting up anyway. I just hope I can squeeze another 18 months or so out of this old box.

Thanks for the replies.

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