1000 visits

  Peverelli 12:09 27 Aug 2003

It's taken 29 months but, at last, this is my 1000th visit here. Next target is to get 'My Postings' up to a thousand (a mere 619 at the moment).

That'll give me an excuse for a celebratory pint tonight ;O)

  kingkenny 12:11 27 Aug 2003

Congrats on a milestone!

29 months eh? thats devotion for you!

  seedie 12:12 27 Aug 2003

get a new PC! :)

  medicine hat 12:16 27 Aug 2003

Keep up the good work Peverelli

Nice one seedie

  Peverelli 12:38 27 Aug 2003

Who needs a new PC when you get so much help here to keep the old one going well into old age? ;O)

  spikeychris 12:54 27 Aug 2003

You have just joined the sad club....welcome :o)..just checked mine.. 2767 visits and 2418 Subjects for discussion. Just sewing a button back on my anorack......


  Peverelli 12:58 27 Aug 2003

2767 visits? It'll probably take me another 5 years to get that many!

I wonder who has had the most visits.

  Ben Avery 13:00 27 Aug 2003

Probably the Forum Editor.

Sorry! :o)


  sil_ver 13:03 27 Aug 2003

You want to get out more. ;-0)

  Gaz 25 13:16 27 Aug 2003

1213 posts I have made, heck.

Paranoid Gaz

  spikeychris 13:26 27 Aug 2003

They where all in one thread weren't they Gaz

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