> 1000 viruses on 1 PC!

  Halmer 21:10 22 Jan 2004

I read somewhere that a PC taken in to PC world had over 1000 viruses on it.

1. How on earth can that happen?
2. How on earth did the person not know about it until they had that many?
3. If they didn't know, what's the problem in having a virus in the first place?

  antoni34 21:22 22 Jan 2004

Thats what happens when u don`t have a decent anti - virus package/firewall

  jimv7 21:24 22 Jan 2004

I have seen a pc with over 33,000 infected files.

Don't forget that with no anti-virus software some virus 'breed' so there might only be half a dozen actual instances or virus but an awful lot of infected files.

  MichelleC 21:27 22 Jan 2004

I bought a utilities cd from a 'fair' which had a hacker's guide and a guide on how to send viruses with 3000 viruses (in zip). I gave it to the authorities. If someone had played with the unzipping...

  Terrahawk 21:37 22 Jan 2004

obviously never heard of antivirus software

  Halmer 21:39 22 Jan 2004


  Terrahawk 21:52 22 Jan 2004

1 it happens if they were not running an up to date av 2.some viruses can remain dormant for months before activating their payload others will infect files but not display any abnormal signs on the pc 3.the problem with virus is they are designed to spread if you have an infected machine and then send files to another machine via disk email etc you then infect another machine and on it goes. Bottom line uptodate antivirus software is vital.

  Halmer 19:06 23 Jan 2004


  spikeychris 19:10 23 Jan 2004

1000 viruses? you sure it wasn't infected files rather than individual viruses..

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