100% Width table problem in IE

  Ben Avery 16:20 09 Jun 2004


I'm setting up a site for a friend and have come across a problem when viewing in IE6.

When the page loads, it laods fine. When it is represhed or the "home" link is clicked on again - it wraps incorrectly and the page ends up rather wider than it should (causing horrible scrollbars on the horizontal - Urk!)

It works fine in my usual browser (Firefox) and works well in Netscape just IE where the problem occurs.

The temporary testing link is click here if you could have a look and let me know what is causing it please!

Yes I do know about the IE hacks on it - it is supposed to open in Blue in IE and Green in other browsers hence the coding.

Any help greatly appreciated!

P.S. The links here no not function, only the "Home" link works - as you will see it is just a template page.


  Baledor 16:53 09 Jun 2004

Looks and refreshed fine on my IE6.

  Taran 17:08 09 Jun 2004

It does goes AWOL when you click the Home link although it loads fine.

I've not given your code a thorough once over yet, but I did notice that some of your table dimensions are a bit unusual. You have pixel widths specified next to 100% width values which may throw things out a bit, but I'll have a proper look later and see what I can dig up.

  PurplePenny 22:24 09 Jun 2004

Huh? I didn't say a thing!

I *do* check in IE! HTML-Kit has a nifty preview pane which, by default, shows you what the page will look like in IE. You can also download a Gecko preview plug-in.


  Ben Avery 23:01 09 Jun 2004

I think the problem in IE comes down to the gradient Image properties (currently set to 100% Width & 100% Height) so I think a workaround will be to use the IE DirectX Gradient fill with the same kind of hack used before.

I'll let you know how I get on!


  Ben Avery 23:02 09 Jun 2004

...I won't have a go at you as I also prefer browsers over IE! Firefox is actually really quite simple but very nice.

Simple things like tabbed browsing and a built in pause on downloads etc works for me (he says, as he tyes out this message in IE6 - D'oh!)


  Ben Avery 00:51 10 Jun 2004

I've managed to solve the problem now by incorporating the DirectX filter into the IE stylesheet and placing the images (which were what was causing the problem in IE and which it now no longer needs) behind code IE ignores anyway!

Image Coding Example


<![if !IE]>




Any more probs and I'll be sure to let you know!


  Ben Avery 00:59 10 Jun 2004

For the sake of a little clearing up of my name (and Penny's here) I would like to make the point that, if I were not the sort to WANT IE user's to be able to view the site as intended, then I wouldn't have posted here in the first place.

Comments like (and I quote),

"Reality check...you have to make sure your site works in IE then worry about other browsers"

really show the ignorance of not reading what th person is doing before passing your own feeble judgement. As it happens, I use IE frequently as my notebook runs IE quite happily. On my work PC I opted for a different browser as I like the features it supports, but I make a point of ALWAYS checking my sites before they go "live" in IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape & Opera (when on the right PC - I haven't with this one yet if you want a goosey Penny?!). Thanks to a link by PP herself I can also now check how it appears on a mac.

Just goes to show how unjustified criticisms can be - especially when I apprecited that most people use IE already!

Reality Check to you all: find out before you judge, you may be suprised.

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