£100 to spend.

  rdave13 03:40 30 Jun 2006

I have a hundred quid burning a hole in my pocket. Question is what do I buy for my pc?

As I use the pc only as a hobby, I don't need an external hard drive and don't use wireless networking. The only thing I can think of is an external DVD drive as my machine has only one. Any suggestions greatfuly received.

Gpu's, ram etc all ok.

  ICF 06:27 30 Jun 2006

Another hard drive for backups

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 30 Jun 2006
  amonra 13:54 30 Jun 2006

How about a Webcam ? I've just installed one for chats with the family, great fun. Otherwise I agree with rodriguez, make your miserable life happy !!!

  sunny staines 14:17 30 Jun 2006

keep it for vista or office 2007 after xmas. meanwhile stash it in the building society.

otherwise ram or another hdd.

still stuck give it to me.

  wee eddie 16:28 30 Jun 2006

It will almost certainly pay you a dividend of some kind

  rdave13 18:30 30 Jun 2006

Many thanks for all your excellent ideas. As my pc is still under warranty I'm loath to open the case until it runs out.

Explanation of the hundred quid is that I received a surprise gift of the said amount for ten years' service. I was told to look for an item up to the ton and they would purchase it on my behalf. As time is not unlimited on this kind offer I have decided to ask for this. click here

I know that it can be purchased cheaper elswhere but everything considerd it will make things easier all round. Again thanks for the suggestions.

  rdave13 18:47 30 Jun 2006

Thanks Dizzy Bob but it's not a delivery item. These days firms have no time to collect such items and would like the gift to take as little of their time as possible...lol.

  rdave13 20:43 30 Jun 2006

Don't know about that but the gift "has to be appropriate" (whatever that means.)A gift voucher would seem out of place somehow. Still I'll ask as it's worth a try. Cheers Dizzy Bob.

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