100% disk usage even after full system reset.

  MrSpudgun 20:30 02 Jan 2017

As the title suggests, I have 100% disk usage on my desktop. I have tried every tip I've found through googling. Disabling search, deleting this, altering that. I have no disk errors. I have transferred everything onto my laptop, and have done a full system reset. Task manager still shows 100%. Pc runs fine in safe mode. I am now at the point of binning the whole thing and getting a cheap ebay replacement. Any ideas?

  MrSpudgun 13:47 03 Jan 2017

So, I've fixed it! I altered the virtual memory, and disabled the Windows module installer. Now my disk usage hovers around 0-4% when idle.

  Forum Editor 16:34 03 Jan 2017

"disabled the Windows module installer"

Just so long as you know that Windows updates may now fail to install.

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