100% cpu usage and unplayable stuttering (Video and audio) on all games

  toma1004 16:09 18 Jul 2013


My PC (Dell XPS studio 16) will no longer play any games at all. It will play them flawlessly for the first 30-40 minutes as if there's nothing wrong, after this time CPU usage spikes to around 100% (causing massive overheating which in turn means I have to shut the system down to avoid damage) and the game begins to stutter (including audio freezes and 1 fps).

This problem has been going on for close to a year now, I've tried fixes including updating the drivers (which worked for just one day...) running numerous scans (Kaspersky internet security).

So far the only improvement came from updating the video drivers, this extended the time between loading the game and the issues from 10 mins to ~40 (an hour if I get really lucky).

I've run out of ideas of how to fix it now.


Dell xps studio 1640

Windows 7 home premium 64-bit

BIOS: gPhoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 X49

Processor: Intel core 2 duo T6600 @2.2GHz

Memory: 4096MB RAM

DirectX version: DirectX 11

GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 (2791MB memory)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

  wee eddie 16:17 18 Jul 2013

Sounds a bit like overheating - When did you last give it a physical clean out?

  toma1004 16:26 18 Jul 2013

Honestly, never. I'll give it a go and report back

  toma1004 17:02 19 Jul 2013

Opened it up and cleaned it (albeit very carefully). Sadly no impact at all :S

  woodchip 17:41 19 Jul 2013

Go to Display In Control Panel Turn Down Graphics Acceleration, then try it. you may need to move slider down more if it does not do the job. also check graphics card fan if one fitted that it is clear and turning freely, next try with side of pc and a fan blowing cold air into the case

  Woolwell 19:25 19 Jul 2013

In Uk and with this heat you may find that if your cooling is not up to scratch, fans have got dirty, etc then overheating will cause the problems you describe. Even without the high ambient temps then you may still get overheating problems.

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