10 meg broadband a joke!

  briskem1 20:03 05 Jun 2006

ive just swopped to NTL 10 meg ohh what a joke it's so slow even worse than the 1 meg i had before ,and asking them people is a waste of money [20p a min] now before you say it ive got diskeeper so no defrag prob also i empty out cache every day auto, so can anyone tell me why ive a 56k snail thats costing me megga bucks? thanks x

  VoG II 20:06 05 Jun 2006

What does click here say?

  octal 20:08 05 Jun 2006

I've been upgraded from 1MB to 2MB apart from being able to download files much faster, the sites don't load any quicker, I think the limitation is the bandwidth available from the site you are viewing.

  mole44 20:08 05 Jun 2006

i`m with NTL on there 1meg broadband in my part of luton it`s a superb service,never ever drops out.there have been many problems with the 10 meg service i believe.give NTL support a ring and ask if there is a propblem,and don`t blow your top,be calm and polite.that way you`ll get results.remember lose your temper ,lose the argument.

  briskem1 20:29 05 Jun 2006

thank you Vogtm and others took me 5 mins to send this maybe the ethernet thing might work as i got the cable but nowhere to plug it in ..i'm calm!! gggrrr ..cheers briskem1 x

  DerekR 21:11 05 Jun 2006

click here

NTL have been having a few problems lately - seems a switch of your proxy server is a good remedy for slow browsing on NTL's 10mb service - this place shows you how to cure it!

  VoG II 21:20 05 Jun 2006

"i got the cable but nowhere to plug it in"

What do you mean?

  De Marcus™ 21:32 05 Jun 2006

Do you mean you have the ethernet cable but no where to plug it in on your computer, i.e. it has no ethernet / lan port?

  briskem1 21:33 05 Jun 2006

i mean i have the etheret cable [free from NTL ] but no modem hole in the back of my packard bell that fits it so i'm using usb hope that makes sense to you ??nb half way up the back of the tower is a hole that fitsan etheret but i dont know where it goes so dont want to f**** things up as you can see i'm a novice

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