10 - 15 mins to hook upto the Internet!

  Rickyv 20:17 06 Dec 2003

I took advice to use my Mesh recovery disk and ended up with a lot of problems. These have nearly all been sorted out. I had lost my broadband connection, but a guy at Mesh's support (£1 per min) sorted it out (in 15 mins). However, when I open IE6 and click on connect I get almost instant connection, but no page loads in IE6 for 10 minutes. I have tried many things (as advised on here), but none work. During the problems I had, the guy from Mesh took me into the registry (HKey something or another) and made several changes there. I wonder whether this has resulted in my problem. Any ideas??? This problem seems to have baffled everyone!!

  Forum Editor 20:35 06 Dec 2003

Who is your broadband ISP? Presumably you have a modem software CD? In that case it's simply a question of running the modem software, connecting the modem, and entering your username and password - there should be no need to go delving into the registry at all.

In any event, I assume that you now have a connection showing in your network connections - are you using Windows XP by the way? My advice is that you reinstall Internet explorer - you should find a setup icon if you go to C:\program files\internet explorer.

Try that, and see what happens.

  Rickyv 21:00 06 Dec 2003

I am using an Alcatel speedtouch USB modem and freeserve. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the broadband software 3 times, to no avail. It is strange that i get dial-up straight away, IE6 doesnt hook up. The home page (i've tried many different ones) takes 10 mins and then suddenly appears. From then on everything is fine till i log off.

I am not sure how to go about reinstalling IE6. Could you give more details, please? Thanks!

  woodchip 21:06 06 Dec 2003

AS I said before try Netscape 7

  Rickyv 21:46 06 Dec 2003

If i downloaded netscape, will i loose my outlook express connection/e-mail address?

  Rickyv 21:46 06 Dec 2003

If i downloaded netscape, will i loose my outlook express connection/e-mail address?

  woodchip 23:04 11 Dec 2003


  nyleridedog 23:26 11 Dec 2003

Give this a try

in IE goto>tools>internet options>connections>lan settings........and see if auto detect settings in ticked if so take out the tick!
worked with my braodband (by) but dont know if bt broadband internet is classed as a lan?


  Rickyv 20:08 12 Dec 2003

That box wasn't checked, but both the proxy server boxes are.

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