askgreg 20:25 22 Jul 2004

I have checked the archive and the answer is not there-not all of it anyway.
A friend has just restarted to use his laptop after several months.It is running Xp,and didn't appear to have a Virus Protector or a Firewall installed,or am I missing something?I thought there was one built into Xp.I use '98 on my machine so not too much background with Xp.
Installed and updated AVG and then scanned, several infected files found that were removed, but 1-Worm/Sasser.D remained.
Tried again this AM and unable to run AVG, unable to access the 'Task Manager' Msconfig'or 'Regedit'
Had also installed 'Zonealarm'and again problems with being unable to run 'The True Vector Internet Monitor'.
On the Microsoft site I checked out this problem and it suggested that before attempting to use their removal Tool, Update KB835732 should be installed-done.Thats were I am at the moment,I'm sure someone out there has had similar problems,please HELP.Much appreciated in anticipation.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:33 22 Jul 2004

click here for the Symantec removal tool.

After that, go to



sfc /scannow

to run the system file checker.

Then reinstall AVG.

  askgreg 20:54 22 Jul 2004

Thanks Diodoruu Sicula;will all the other problems then 'right' themselves.?I'll be back later tonight or after the weekend.

Greg Askey

  askgreg 20:57 22 Jul 2004

Just noticed my spelling of your name, sorry.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:03 22 Jul 2004

askgreg - no worries; he is more likely the second declention nomimative! :-)

  askgreg 21:41 22 Jul 2004

Downloaded the file from the Symantec site, and ran it.Didn't detect the 1-Worm/Sasser.D.I have attempted to remove AVG and again with no success.I again attempted to run 'MSCONFIG',the display flashes onto the screen but just as quickly disappears.
I also keep getting an invitation to download from 'Update',it is in a 'Messenger Service' window.Is this another scam.?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:48 22 Jul 2004

Try the online scan: click here

  igk 23:09 22 Jul 2004

Hi Askgreg, I had exactly the same problem with a friends pc yesterday I downloaded "Stinger" from McAfee and cleared the sasser (and two others) but it did not solve the main problem which was the same as yours (with mine I tried to do a "Regedit" it came up and then went just as quickly also not allowing me to load zonealarm fully or three makes of antivirus all failed to instal so I think there must be another virus in the machine,In the end I restored the pc back to factory and this solved the problem.Not good news for you but hope this helps.

  askgreg 23:14 22 Jul 2004

Thank You 'Igk', for your comment.You restored back to factory, what exactly does that mean.If the Laptop had been running '98 it would have been 'Reformatted,Reinstalled', and the problem would have been solved,you perhaps suggest that the same can be applied to Xp.?

Regards Greg Askey

  askgreg 23:48 22 Jul 2004

Just tried a 'Trend'download,line failed after 40 mins-using dial up.!Back next week for the rest of the saga.Many thanks for all your help, hope you will be with me on Monday.

  igk 13:10 23 Jul 2004

Greg, Restore back means that you have to use the restore disks supplied (hopefully)with the pc when purchased or a full copy of winxp home.
the restore disk/s have to be put in the pc and then reboot follow instructions and what happens is that it restores the image of the operating system from a hidden partition on the pc's drive (all info on the pc will be lost!) but you will then have a pc the same as when it was purchased.
Otherwise as said you will need a full copy of win xp home put it in and reboot and reinstal (again loosing any info/files on the pc).Hope this helps.

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