1: Virus? 2: e-Sata drives

  Splodge 17:18 19 Jun 2010

I tried to back-up my com]puter to an external drive but the computer would not start up until I removed the external drive and, if I opened my computer fully first, then inserted the external drive a similar thing happens.

I ran a vius scan and it found "SuspectAutorun.RootdriveH

Path: C.\autorun.inf

This is a Windows 7 machine and it had allowed me to backup previously. I suspect a neighbour, who is at Uni may have picked it up on her USB key and when she used it on my macine, it infected it.

I solved it by using an XP machine to do a complete format ... it then did my copy. However the problem has syrfaced again even though another scan did not show the message again.

Ideas please!

Second I have a machine with 2 e-Sata input slots but I am unsure whether I can buy one of those Sata drives, plug-in and use that as my back_up drive. Are they sold for external use?

I had seen in the press that e-sata inputs are questionable but the details are not clear. One owner complaineed that he would rather has a couple of usb slots instead. Please enlighten me.

I cannot keep formatting the external drive because the XP machine has been promised to somone at the end of the month!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:32 19 Jun 2010

The virus may still be in your restore points.
What Antivirus do you have?

  Splodge 17:52 19 Jun 2010

I am very concious of threats so I have:

Advanced System Care Pro
10bit Security 360
Reg Clean
Glary Utilities
Microsoft Security Essentials
McAfee .. full

However, you may have hit on system restore so I will do a search using some of the key details.


  rdave13 18:37 19 Jun 2010

McAfee..full and MSE will conflict and create problems. Two AVs running side by side is a no-no as well as two real-time scanning antimalware/spyware programs. Get rid of one, reboot and see if any better.

  rdave13 18:39 19 Jun 2010

Not sure what IOBit Security 360 is but if that is also a security suit with AV etc., then no wonder you have some problems.

  Splodge 19:23 19 Jun 2010

As it happens, only the McAfee is running all the time, the others run on demand.

But here is a funny ... I connected up the infected backup drive to the XP and that refused to go!

Reverting it back to the Windows 7, this time it did run.

Almost an on/off switch.

And, it is picky of me really because you can overcome it by running the original program disk which just asks the language and then run "Repair Computer". 2 minutes once a week not too much!


Since I only backup once a week, I

  rdave13 19:33 19 Jun 2010

MSE is a real time scanner suerly? Even if disabled it can conflict with your system. Possibly the same with IOBit.
I might be wrong but you do seem to be over the top with security apps.
How many software firewalls do you have running?
Just thoughts of what might be the problem as too much security will be as bad as having a virus or even worse.

  Splodge 20:45 19 Jun 2010

I have been running the same programs for about 4
months .... no problems.

I have been running the diagnostic and nothing is reported.

My bet is still the USB key.

My old computer is now in the same state but, with 2 internal drives I am going to change the jumpers and format that drive.

If it works, it indicates the virus.

But thank you for your help.

I will come back next week.

  rdave13 21:07 19 Jun 2010

Thanks for replying. Two different thoughts on the matter. Formatting a bit drastic but you seem to know what you are doing.
Best of luck.

  Splodge 10:49 20 Jun 2010

Well. part one worked.

I have dealt with the XP computer!

I reversed my internal drives and backed-up the good one to the dubious one, now all I have to do is wipe my external drives and hopefully remove the virus.

Even if this corrupts this one again, I will have got rid on the problem on them and then I will reverse my internal drives again.

Long winded process bur, hopefully that will be the end of it.

However, although the Windows 7 is working, I have to go thuogh a procedure to do so. I am considering re-installing that one. A long and painful I am afraid.

  Atlantic Man 10:57 20 Jun 2010

AVG- Avira- Mallwarebytes , free software is the best I can recommend, here at our work as PC technicians we always use these- ( Avira & Mallwarebytes together for best results- never had any virus problems.
Most virussus are also aimed on famous anti-virus software and is able to intergrate into those programs to send out fake alerts which infects your PC even more.

Be sure to update your anti-virus every 3 days.


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