1 OE account on 2 computers

  Madrat 21:34 27 Oct 2008

A little help if you please.

I have set up my laptop running ME to open up my email account via OE, as it is on my PC. It all working fine except any emails shown when I open OE on the PC do not show when I open OE on the lap top and vice versers, is there any way to change this?

  MAJ 21:53 27 Oct 2008

OE is a standalone email client not an email account, so any emails downloaded using OE will be stored in OE on the computer you downloaded them on. They wont be visible in any other instance of OE on any other computer.

  Madrat 21:55 27 Oct 2008

OK thanks, I was just wondering if I had a setting wrong.

  interzone55 22:11 27 Oct 2008

I'm not sure where you'll find the setting, because it's some time since I used OE.

You need to put a tick in the box that says "Leave messages on server", this will mean that both PCs will be able to download the emails.

The only problem with this is that most ISPs only offer about 100mb of email space, so this will fill up if you leave the messages on the server, so perhaps you should only set one PC to leave the messages on the server. That way one PC will have all the emails, but the other will miss a few if it's the second PC to poll the server...

  Madrat 22:13 27 Oct 2008

I tried that but it still dosnt work, but it dose mean if needed I can log into my ISP and find the email.

  skidzy 22:20 27 Oct 2008

As long as the messages are on the server for x amount of days,fiatman can pick there mail up on any computer that has the correct account details setup either in OE or Windows Mail or both.

Im on Vista at the moment and have this setup on my xp and Vista machines.
In Vista,im pretty sure its similar to XP and OE

Open OE
Highlight the user account
Leave a copy on server
Untick the amount of days
Apply and ok
May take a reboot of the machines to take effect.

  Eric10 22:21 27 Oct 2008

Also, only emails that arrive after you have made the change will be affected.

  Rahere 22:25 27 Oct 2008

imap would seem to be the answer - does your email client and email service allow imap as well as pop3 mail settings?

  Madrat 22:32 27 Oct 2008

Pass, its a sky account

  skidzy 22:38 27 Oct 2008

Imap or pop3 settings will enable you collect the mail from any computer if the account is setup on them. click here

  Madrat 01:54 28 Oct 2008

Its getting complicated now :, I will stick with itas is, and log into isp should i need an email not on the machine Iam currently working on.

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