1 monitor-2PC's?

  jack 09:06 18 Dec 2004

I frequently find I have a PC to sort out for friends[Thet are still friends- even after -I must get sometings right- some times]
However space constraint mean having only the one monitor.
This mean the data cable comes out of mine into the patient PC every time -with the usual risk of the odd bent pin and wear and tear.
I had a thought perhaps I could have a double cable arrangement thus leaving the cable to my machine in permanently and the other floating.
When needed my machine would be off of course so- hopefully no need to complex switching.
I have tawled the Maplin site but saw nothing 'ready made' although I guess buying the component plugs sockets and cable to make one up is a possability.
Any other thoughts.

  bremner 09:12 18 Dec 2004

You need a KVM switch

For example click here

  jack 10:05 18 Dec 2004

Thanx for that Brummer
I can see that there are many with varying degrees of complexity there.
Do you have any particular reccommendation ?
The Belkin 'Does it all' looks interesting

  spanneress 10:08 18 Dec 2004

Just a word of warning - I use KVR's (esp the Belkin one) in some of my work and quite often a new build or a very sick PC will not recognise the mouse or keyboard through the switch box..they all seem ok with the monitor through it - best have a spare kygrd/mse to hand as well,

  spuds 11:59 18 Dec 2004

Staples, Office World and Maplins are all selling a simple changeover box, which should do the job, for about £5-£6 [cable extra].

  mrdsgs 13:38 18 Dec 2004

make sure it is mains/adaptor powered and use good quality monitor cables.

simple unpowered monitor switch boxes lead to reduced image quality

belkin are highly recommended. they make "all in one" with integral cables now.

i use loads of them and never had a problem with any ps2 mouse or keyboard


  jack 13:59 18 Dec 2004

Thanx one and all
Lots to ponder over now
Will go a spending the Xmes pressy money after the festivities.

  jack 14:07 31 Dec 2004

Bremner/Spannerless/Spuds Et al

Thanx one and all

The Belkin all in one complete with cables from E-Buyer was my choice.

Ordered Tues the 28th
They promised delivery for Tues 4th
This mornings mail included delivery 'upgrade' for to-day.
As I was reading it, the door bell announced its arrival.

Fighting my way into the blister pack took 15
minutes , Sorting the cabling out another 30 minutes, 3 monitor cables each as thick as a thumb [ and one doublimh back to make four looping through the cable slot 4 mouse/K/B wire to go through the cable way at back of desk behind monitor.

Fire her up we were away.

Well done to all of you
Happy New Year.

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