1. Likom Monitor & 2. MS Word problem

  tedoniman 17:07 05 Sep 2005

Problem 1: Word error message.

The folowing error comes up when I bring up MS Word in a borrowed Fujitsu Liferbook Notebook w/ Win XP Home edition:

"This document could not be registered. It will not be possible to create links from this document to other documents." Actually, links do work but not at next boot-up.

Spent a month cleaning out viruses and malware. System still a bit sluggish (slow response to clicks to bring up Explorer, etc. Mem a bit low at 128Mb. Access via USB flashdisk only. No Floppy, etc., at this comp.). Forgot all I did to clean this unit up and try increase performance.

But this particular problem surfaced late in the day after I disabled some unnecessary 'Startups' and 'System Services' via 'msconfig' and/or Control Panel (Amin...) and/or Win Patrol.

In any case, I subseqently re-enabled all. No change.

Note: did some registry cleanup work as well. Some, manually - to rid of persistant malware remnants. But that was very early in the day and I don't recall having any WORD problems thereafter.

Problem 2: Likom Monitor driver.

Anybody know anything about "Likom" monitors?

Hooked my old 14" Likom monitor (mfr June 2000) to my Dell Optiplex GX110 computer. Vertical picture height limited to around 75% of screen (1" black screen at top and bottom). Windows screen resolution settings no help. However, picture is good. There are no other problems.

Digital adjustment won't go any higher. An internal linear vertical height control pot is at peak setting. Can't increase. Just decreases to either side of peak. Don't think has anything to do w/ High Voltage.

Thought it might just possibly have something to do with monitor driver (Likom not listed in my Win98SE). Went to "DriverGuide.com", etc., etc., etc. and several Likom (click here) websites to try find schemat and/or driver for this Likom
model L4031ND monitor. No luck whatsoever.

The Likom site doesn't even have a "search" function or 'driver' link. Nothing. Very strange.

Can anyone help with the (1) problem, (2) driver or (3) Likom?


  Totally-braindead 17:25 05 Sep 2005

If you have all the relevant disks ie XP and the ones for the motherboard as well as Word and whatever else it has on it and especially the modem driver I would be tempted to format the hard drive and start from scratch. If the laptop is in such a mess as you are saying it is it would be the easiest solution, but only think of this if you are certain all the disks are there for obvious reasons. Never heard of Likom but having said that theres hundreds of rebadged monitors about suggest you just try using the driver for plug and play monitor and see how that goes as that driver works with most monitors. It may be that the monitor is actually faulty though.

  Terry Brown 17:37 05 Sep 2005

Assuming you have the XP CD, put it in the drive, select install and when you get to the blue screen (Terms)F8 to continue, press F8 then ESC select repair. That should cure it without you losing all your data (Copy working files elsewhee to be on the safe side.

  tedoniman 19:14 05 Sep 2005

My thanx to 'Totally-braindead' and 'Terry Brown' for such a swift response. For the Likom, by the way, I am using the Win 98 plug & play driver.

Let me qualify. I should have noted that:

1. First off, I'm retired and short on cash and resources - and sort of stuck here in Malaysia.

2. The XP OS is a genuine original that came with
my friend's Lifebook around 4 or 5 yrs ago. I don't want to replace with pirated OS, which is all I could afford.

3. Friend is technically illiterate (much more so than I) and either never got, or, lost original software, etc., that usually comes w/ a comp.

4. Anyway, as I said, there's no access - except via USB flash drive - to these little Notebooks and I can't afford an external USB CDROM drive or even something like a 1GB FD, as might be needed for the Win XP bloat (God help us all - will it ever end?).


"Likom" is actually a quite famous brand around here and has a center in USA also. The monitor I have is old, but still good and of quite frugal and simple construction - not a mess, as some. Although I've seen a complaint against them on
"Ripoff.com" (I think it was), it wasn't to do with the integrity of their gear. I can't make heads or tails out of their website, though. There are others on the net looking for similar help as I.

In short, although the proposed solutions are good ones, I was hoping there would be some less stressful, more specific ones, as I enumerated them in my original email. As for the Likom, If I could just get my hands on a schemat, I think I'd be OK.

For the XP/Word problem, I think I may yet have to capitulate to your suggestion in the end, as my 'Restore' points, I think, will all take me back to an even worse state - w/ viruses and so on.

There's a shop around here with the resources and they're v. economical and accommodating and I may try them for the XP thing - 'though I usually prefer to screw things up on my own.

Thanx again for now.


  Oddjob 22:30 05 Sep 2005


Try downloading and running a-squared; click here and CrapCleaner; click here
They're both free. A couple of other solution would be to try and get hold of or borrow a copy of Norton SystemWorks 2004 and running Win Doctor, or run a repair on Office if you can get hold of a copy. It sounds like something's gone awry with the programme's associations in Windows.


  DieSse 14:46 06 Sep 2005

Re monitor.

Try different resolution and refresh rate settings - with older monitors you will somtimes find one that fills the screen.

  tedoniman 20:32 13 Oct 2005

14 Oct., 2005.

Sorry; been away for while. My thanks to all the guys for their suggestions. I did try all those I could, for the moment. Giving up on the monitor for now. It's OK as is, for emergency use.

As for the Word problem, did try the softwares suggested and many more, including IOLO's excellent trial version of System Mechanic 5.0.

Looks like might have to go the re-install way in
the end though (Totally-braindead) or first try Terry Brown's advice. Still to try some internal diagnostic and repair tools I just found out about, though. If and when it's corrected, I'll post method here for anyone w/similar problems.

Did learn a lot from the advice given here so far, by the way. Appreciate.

Thanks again,


  wee eddie 00:43 14 Oct 2005

This could cause a lot of problems.

What is the rest of the Fujitsu's specification?

  tedoniman 08:28 14 Oct 2005

In response to:

wee eddie - Fri, 14.10.05 | 00:43
128Mg is critically low for XP Home
This could cause a lot of problems.
my thanx

If you are referring to my "system sluggishness" problem, appreciate the advice. I too am aware of that possibilitity. The problem is:

1. there are many other little devils in there
that I'm still hunting and
2. currently a lack of "Vitamin M" required for an upgrade.

For moment am doing lots of other things to it,
which taking lots of time.

Altho xtra RAM is an obvious solution to a lot of things, I'm holding off, as I yet fail to see this as a major cause in that, with almost all startups, programs and services disabled, no processor load, cleaned up and pruned out files and folders, elimination of 1K over of viruses and malware items, a full Scadisk and Defrag done, etc., etc. - there's been no great notable change in performance, in this regard.

It still usually takes up to 10 seconds or more to bring anything up, like, for example, Explorer, even some text files, any menu or any right-click function like "volume", "Properties", so on. Not natural.

Memory and Hard Disk check OK via various diagnostics, including the inbuilt Fujitsu tool and its 'PC Doctor'.

I have a hunch that maybe these old Fujitsu Lifeboks (circa 2000) are inherently a bit slow, possibly in part due to the novel Transmeta Crusoe
processor (700 MHz) structure/mechanics. Don't know. I have no reference, since the previous owner wasn't cluey on such things as speed, etc.

Actual RAM is only 112MB and I do realize
it's a bit low for today's bloated OS's and Aps.
I'll get to it; promise.


If you were refering to my "Word error" problem,
am getting there. Just downloaded an MS knowledge bas article. Search term: "this document could not be registered" coupled with "all products" -because there's nothing under 'Word 2002'. This article refers to 'Word 95' but just as useful.

As suspected: corrupt registry. I'll be on that shortly. The article is pretty enlightning.

Thanks again to "wee eddie" and others for confirming my suspicions...


  wee eddie 08:57 14 Oct 2005

Go back to using W98se. Then it'll probably work fine.

Use ME if you must.

Sounds like you need to re-install the lot

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