1 hard disk became 2 by itself ?

  dagbladet 14:58 23 Aug 2003

New base unit, Pack Bell, pre-loaded XP home, blurb says I've got 1 X 80 gig HD, Quick look at "my computer" shows 1 X 74 Gig. On boot up, intro screen advises me to make back up using CDs. On completion of back up I now have 1 x 72 Gig and 1x 2 gig (called Restdone).

  recap 20:24 23 Aug 2003

If you can get into the new partition then you may find that it is the back up of what is on the original.

  krypt1c 21:23 23 Aug 2003

Have a word with your supplier. This could be the recovery area that OEM installations provide, rather than giving you a os cd

  woodchip 21:51 23 Aug 2003

Yes that's what it is do not lose it or damage it. You would do well to make another backup just in case one goes bad. Best program to use is Drive Image and make a Image of both Partitions

  dagbladet 08:58 24 Aug 2003

Folks I'm not so sure. Prior to making the back up on CD. The "RESTDONE" (D:) drive, didn't appear to exist. Once the back up was made it appeared. But out of 2 Gigs it has only 60 kbs used on it. Also should I be miffed that I've only got 74 Gigs when 80 was advertised or is there some techie jargon thing i'm missing. Please keep the knowledge coming, Ta

  krypt1c 09:42 24 Aug 2003

74 gbs vs 80gbs - "NOTE: A so-called ?80 GB? drive, or one with about 80 billion bytes, is really 74.5 (binary) GB (1 GB = 2 to the 30th power). Similarly, a so-called ?20 GB? drive is less than 19 (binary) GB. Binary-based computer terms such as KB, MB, and GB, are based on a number system where the ?thousand? is really 1,024 (2 to the 10th power). But if you were a hard drive salesman and, by a trick of language, were able to take a 74.5 GB drive and call it an 80 GB drive... which do you think would appeal to your customer more, eh? " Got this here click here towards the end

  dagbladet 10:30 24 Aug 2003

Thanks Kryptic. I sort of understand what you're saying regarding 1000=1024. As for the website link though, wayyyy over my head.

  woodchip 14:47 24 Aug 2003

If you use Drive Image to do a proper Backup, you will see the drive so you can back it up

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