1 GHz Processor not fully recognised in Win XP

  Mr Tibbs 12:00 11 Jan 2005

Hi Folks, I have a problem where windows XP doesn't recognise my 1 GHz processor. At start up it's recognised in POST as 1000MHz but in windows under system properties its listed as 999MHz. This is a problem because some of my kids games need 1GHz min and won't load. The only other thing to mention is that I have recently replaced the processor. Would a clean instalation help? Any solutions gratefully received, thanks.

  TomJerry 12:12 11 Jan 2005

for example, one of my machine 2Ghz is recognised as 1999.7MHz. This is because the clock frequency inside of CPU need multiple which come in something like, 7.5, etc etc

Game not loading: maybe other problems, I really doubt 1mHz short make that different

maybe time for a new unit, just for kids

  PsiFox 12:12 11 Jan 2005

System properties does not always display the exact frequency your cpu is rated to. Can be a windows bug can also be due to inherent differences between identical cpu's.

1mhz difference between rating and sys propertiies readout is not going to be the cause of the game not loading.

what game and what is the rest of your system spec?


  Mr Tibbs 16:21 11 Jan 2005

Some of the games the kids have won't install. It says my system doesn't reach the minimum requirements of 1GHz. Is there a way to overclock the system just enough to tip it over. I have a MSI K7T Turbo motherboard with about 788MB of Ram. Thanks.

  Technotiger 16:28 11 Jan 2005

Hi, I may be out-of-date but I have not heard of any games requiring minimum of 1Ghz? What are the games? I would not think 1Mhz would make any difference. PC measurements are rarely exact.

  TomJerry 16:28 11 Jan 2005

i.e. move from 100mHz to 105MHz etc if your motherboard support it

get into bios and hunt around. DO not change too much!!!

  TomJerry 16:30 11 Jan 2005

or DirectX support

  Mr Tibbs 16:58 11 Jan 2005

Star Wars Knights of the Old Repuplic is one game that requires 1 GHz, not sure of the others. I'll try the bios first. Thanks all.

  PsiFox 17:08 12 Jan 2005

I still think it is not the cpu.

Are you running DX9.0b
Wghat system RAM do you have
What GFX card are you running


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