1-click answers

  Cesare 07:56 14 Apr 2006

I had 1-Click answers which I found quite useful but then it just stopped working. Today I realized that A squared Malware is regarding this software as malware and so wiping it out. Does anybody know of this ? Other malware removers do not touch it, like Spybott, Windows difender, Ewido and Lavasoft Adaware.

  desi3026 09:27 14 Apr 2006

Hi Cesare,
I've had 1-click on the computer for about two years now,and it does occaisionally dissappear.I contacted them and they replied that I should delete it from add/remove and do a fresh install.
I've now done this twice,and it behaves itself for months afterwards.They did say that it could be something to do with AS,in my case Spysweeper,but 1-click is such a handy thing,I would not be without it.Try a fresh install.

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