£1 for Children in Need

  [email protected]@m 09:53 22 Nov 2003

On behalf of those who solve your problem. I'll start with an easy one.

How to remove the Office taskbar from Win 98 desktop?

  AubreyS 10:04 22 Nov 2003

Right click on the top of it (Office logo) and select exit. Then you get a message box and it will ask what you want to do.

  [email protected]@m 10:10 22 Nov 2003

It will come back next time you boot.

  Legolas 10:19 22 Nov 2003

As AubreyS says when you close it it should ask you if you want it to appear the next time you start windows choose 'no' and it should'nt appear again.

  AubreyS 10:34 22 Nov 2003

I just tried it and it worked ok. If you want to restore it at a later time you go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar.

  [email protected]@m 10:38 22 Nov 2003

My apologies! I had to put it back to do it AubreyS way. You're quite right, I've been trying for several minutes (:-0) to get rid. The way I found was : right click the main taskbar, Properties, Start Menu, Remove, select the Office taskbar from there.

So I will be putting £2 in the bucket.

  AubreyS 10:48 22 Nov 2003


Don't you think he should put £10 for not listening to us? ;-)

  [email protected]@m 11:54 22 Nov 2003

What, with my feet?

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