1 adsl line 2 routers?

  [DELETED] 23:17 23 Jun 2006

I want to connect two routeres to one telephone line( diff parts of the house).
My isp has given me two ip addresses so this wont be a problem.

How can i configure the two routers to work in this way?

  johnnyrocker 23:19 23 Jun 2006

dont think you can, why not use wireless?


  [DELETED] 23:21 23 Jun 2006

thought about using wireless but the problem is that there is more then one network device at the two points i want. if i get wireless i cant connect the two routers i already have to each other, and if i do it though a pc it means that pc must be on all the time...

  johnnyrocker 23:23 23 Jun 2006

why two routers? wireless can be configured for either pc to access the net independantly


  johnnyrocker 23:24 23 Jun 2006

or both at the same time


  [DELETED] 23:33 23 Jun 2006

As it is i have 2 pcs next to each other, and 1 pc and 1 print server.

I have 2 routers with built in modems and 1 router without a modem, and only 1 wireless card.

Just hoping to put the routers to good use and rid myself of an ugly cable joining the two routers at the mo

  johnnyrocker 23:46 23 Jun 2006

so as they are next to each other why not hardwire one to a wireless router and the other wirelessly working? or if there is another pc in the equation why not a wireless card also?


  [DELETED] 10:37 24 Jun 2006

If I understand you correctly, you have 2 PCs next to eachother plugged into a router. In another room (for example), you have another PC and a print server. Currently these are connected to the router next to the 2 PCs via a cable.

I have a similar setup (2 routers but one router has a built in print server). I have one cable running from my router/modem to the router/print server. The main PC is connected to the router/modem via a cable and the 2 laptops connect to the router/modem wirelessly.

Because the 2 routers are connected via a cable, I have disabled the DHCP server on the router/print server and it gets allocated an IP address by the router/modem. I can therefore connect to everything.

I think you would have to have one cable connected between the routers unless there is some way you can set up the secondary router as a wireless access point (not a router). Then, connect the PC and print server to the secondary router/wireless access point and it should talk to the main router.

I don't know for sure though! Perhaps you should also try posting in the Networking forum.


  [DELETED] 11:44 24 Jun 2006

yea thats the setup i currently have running, but was hoping to get rid of the cable joining the two- shareing files between the two isnt too much of an issue, but having all 3 pcs on the internet is.

  [DELETED] 14:59 24 Jun 2006

There is a big difference between one router with multiple clients and two modems or routers. Two modems will contend with each other because they will both try to be connected to your ISP at the same time and the ISP is likely to cope with only one connection at a time (sort of like trying to log into a website when you're already logged in). A router obviously doesn't suffer from that and it can handle the contention issue because it, well, routes the bandwidth according to need.

So yes, it is theoretically possible to have two modms on one line, but if both are running, they are quite likely to fail to connect.

  [DELETED] 15:15 24 Jun 2006

cheers. will give it a go and see what happens, i assume that doing so cant really kill either routers...

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