1 & 1 lack of support

  Malcontent 14:38 14 Jan 2005

I cannot get any answers from the support or accounts from this compnay. Are they going out of business? Anyone know? I heard the German mother compnay was fed up of funding a loser but do not know if this is still on-going?

  scoops 23:26 14 Jan 2005

...signed up for their home web hosting package, and have found everything ok so far, but time will tell. Haven't heard any rumours about the parent co!

  Malcontent 23:39 14 Jan 2005

After six months plus of aggro and being ignored by 1 & 1 including numerous emails faxes letters etc one posting on this forum and within a few hours all is working. Even a reply to an email. So my advice is when somethings goes wrong cut out the middleman and go straight to PC Adviser forum.

But seriously folks. I would not advise anyone to deal with them They are cheap and they are nasty. But I'm still looking for a good host so nay suggestions welcome

  murgle 07:09 15 Jan 2005

For several years, I have 2 Web packages and an eshop with 1&1. The technical suport by email was useless to start with and you were lucky to get a reply.

Througout 2004 this improved with quick and detailed replies, however I have contacted their support team this week and received a useless reply with no information to help me with my problem.

I also notice that 1&1 have made it more difficult to contact the support team by email and are now encouraging customers to telephone, which is fine if you have plenty of time to wait to be but through to the support team. It is also hit and miss that you get a helpful and knowledgeable person the other end of the phone.

For value for money and services, they can not be beaten, but for technical support, they need to improve this.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 10:59 15 Jan 2005

on this forum are aware of my views on 1&1 contact and support, quite simply, it stinks! But I have to be fair about the rest of their package.

The only reason I did not transfer all my domains elsewhere, is because they are one of the best web hosts, and the features they offer are superb.

  Bandy 12:15 15 Jan 2005

As with many companies I think all depends upon whom you contact as the support agent at the time.

I have had reason to contact 1and1 on three occasions and one the agent was quite unhelpful, but the other two were superb, being very polite and extremely helpful. They quickly solved the problem and made the experience a delight.

Having read some of the reports in recent times concerning 1and1 I was a little aprehensive but here is one satisfied customer.

  Malcontent 22:35 15 Jan 2005


You write as if it is all phone support you received but I was particulary concerned about email support. I cannot afford to listen to music for hours. On email you get loads of platitudes and please contact us but absolutely no support or even an attempt to address the problem.

The English was so poor I suspected it was from a support centre outside UK but the real problem is they do not seem to understand or follow there own administrative systems and when something goes wrong they just do not deal with it.

  hkvic 10:28 16 Jan 2005

I suppose I must consider myself lucky. I have been with 1&1 for over three years now and have never had a problem with them.

E-mail responses have been prompt and phone support has been excellent. One thing that is particularly good for me is that being on a 'high end' package, I get to use a freephone support number.

Their packages are very well priced and the included features are excellent.

  Forum Editor 11:03 16 Jan 2005

with 1&1, and I find their telephone support reasonable good. On occasion I've been kept in a queue for what seems an eternity, and on occasion I've been unfortunate enough to get someone who seemed to find it hard to be civil and helpful.

Web hosting is like lots of other things - the less you pay the less you are likely to get in terms of personal service, it's simple economics. My main hosting for clients' sites is with an altogether different company - much smaller, very professional, and very efficient. I have dealt with them for years, know the people well - from the Managing director to the girl who answers the phone - and I receive a superb service. It comes at a price however - a single shared hosting account with only 50Mb of server space plus all the usual add-ons and a 1Gb monthly transfer limit on a Unix or Windows 2003 server costs £85 a year.

If you want cheap hosting you'll find it, but don't expect cutting-edge customer service on top, because you'll be disappointed.

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