0x0000007B Installing XP on Acer Aspire F17

  CompuTry 15:40 22 Mar 2018

I have an Acer Aspire F 17 F5-771G-510R.

I am trying to get 4 operating systems onto it. I have already installed 2 and am having difficulty with the third.

1) I changed BIOS to Legacy.

2) I installed Windows 7.

3) I partitioned the hard drive.

4) I installed Windows 10 on the other partition.

5) I went into Windows 7 and partitioned the hard drive again.

6) I started trying to install Windows XP from CD.

7) I pressed F7 (when it asks me to press F6) so that the ACPI mode was turned off during text mode setup.

8) I get the 0x0000007B (0x.., 0x34, 0x.., 0x...) blue screen.

I believe it is being caused by the BIOS configuration. Legacy is on (so it isn't that). I have read elsewhere online that it might be due to Power settings and SATA. However, within BIOS I cannot locate any of these things.

I think it is the new BIOS, as this Acer is a fairly new machine. Is the new BIOS more restrictive?

Is there anything I can do to sort this within the new BIOS?

At the same time however, I need the BIOS settings to remain appropriate for Windows 7 and 10.

Lastly, the fourth OS I want to install is Linux Ubuntu. I just want to play around with it because I do not like the way Windows is going and am experimenting with alternatives for the future.

Do you know if the Acer Aspire F 17 F5-771G-510R will run Linux?

Or can you direct me to a place online where I could find out?

What would be great is a website where you enter the name and make of a laptop and it generates an answer as to whether or not it runs Linux.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort to help me.

  Jollyjohn 16:11 22 Mar 2018

Can I suggest using VirtualBox - click here Using Windows 10 or 7, whichever you boot into most, set up VirtualBox and then install XP as a virtual PC. You will be able to connect hardware as needed for XP once running.

You will also be able to install Linux as a virtual PC so you can have a look, without having to reboot the PC.

And yes your Acer will be able to run Linux.

Personally I would use VirtualBox to try different Distros, versions, of Linux until you find one you like. I run PCLinuxOS with a K desktop environment. Linux Mint and Ubuntu are very poular.

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